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Best FTP program for OSX Macintosh users - Ascii or binary setting?

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  • Best FTP program for OSX Macintosh users - Ascii or binary setting?

    I have been using Cyberduck, no problems.

    Today during a support ticket it was mentioned to me that I should be using an FTP program that uses ASCII mode to upload the vbulletin PhP files.

    I did some research, I guess cyberduck does "automatic" uploads which means not necessarily ASCII. There is no setting on it for ASCII. A 2011 post about Cyberduck says it does not even support ASCII uploads "We no more support FTP ASCII transfers since the latest release. All files are uploaded as-is without any text conversion as binary.", but that might be an old version, although I suspect that it remains this way for Cyberduck today too.

    I don't see that Cyberduck could be a problem I have been using it to upload files for dozens of websites, including PhP components, with no issues.

    Should I switch to Filezilla or does it matter? Filezilla does definitely support both binary and ASCII uploads. On the other hand there are enough posts on the internet about how uploading in ASCII mode can lead to corrupted files.

    I am OSX MAC. Cyberduck seems to be the recommended program for MAC users.
    I do have Filezilla but its control panel isn't as easy to use or as intuitive as Cyberduck for MAC users.

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    Unless you can demonstrate a problem with Cyberduck, why would you switch, especially if you have tried Filezilla and don't like the look and feel of it.

    That said, I use Transmit from Panic software. It costs $34 but is worth every penny as far as I'm concerned. In the preferences it lets you set, by file extension, which files are uploaded as ASCII vs a direct transfer. It is listed also as a paid FTP client on the site you referenced.


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      That's true twistsol. I'll stick with Cyberduck until/unless I have a problem. I don't think I have the expertise (or patience) to determine manually which files should be ascii or which not, although supposedly pHp should be uploaded ascii (but some sources online say uploading files ascii is asking for corruption).
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        The latest version of Cyberduck is acting oddly, now when I select a certain folder for upload, instead of uploading into that folder, it uploads into the directory above it. I have reported this to Cyberduck, but they say it is normal behavior.


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