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My vB Appreciation Thread ;P

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  • Brad Padgett
    commented on 's reply
    I hear that a lot

  • Replicant
    commented on 's reply
    I might add that vBulletin's AdminCP is better than XF.

  • Brad Padgett
    Agree'd. It's a great product. But bugs still need to be worked out. The greatest thing is the improvements and bug fixes. The product has grown tremendously over the years. There's always improvements being made.

    I use XF and vBulletin 5.2.1 both and I like them both but vBulletin seems to have more meat on the bone to the software. It's more professional.

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  • NumNum
    I couldn't agree more.

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  • bigbear83
    started a topic My vB Appreciation Thread ;P

    My vB Appreciation Thread ;P

    OK, so I just wanted to get this posted up here while I had a few minutes on today ...

    Before I begin I thought I would just give a very brief intro of myself here ... first things first -- I'll have you guys know that I am not new to the world of vB ... truth be told I have been around since waaaaaaaaaay back to the vBulletin 2 days ... we're talking around the year 2002 I believe it was ... in fact I have a username here (albeit I can't get it to login because I forgot my e-mail address associated with the username) from back during those years

    I used to run a forum called -- it was a hockey related sports forum ... quite an active forum I might add that had over 1 million posts ... ran that for about 5 years until I gave up the ghost and had someone else take over in 2007 as I just simply lost interest in sports altogether and moved onto the financial world -- aka stock trading!

    Since 2007 to early this year (almost 10 years basically) I've been involved in the stock market and have just been simply a contributor on a forum which had closed down recently due to inactivity ... which then opened up on an entirely new database, new platform (XF...yuck!!!!!) and a new domain name to boot ... I wasn't quite too thrilled with that idea so I essentially left that community and decided to form my own (again) ... no great shakes as of yet though since I haven't even begun to advertise and what not ... that is a task in of itself lemme tell ya! lol

    But anyway, getting back to my intro here -- I've been involved with vB for a long time ... albeit I was not really around during the vB3 and vB4 era ... completely missed that ... and I really have no idea what has happened here with the staff and development since basically 2007 to now

    Anyhow, I just wanted to quickly put out this "vB Appreciation Thread" here to give those involved with the development of vB5 and everything that goes into making this forum platform the BEST (imo anyay) a BIG TIME kudos and thx all around!

    People can say all the negative crap they want about this platform ... etc etc ... but I've tried other platforms out there such as XF, and others, and honestly I'll have to say that even 10 years later vBulletin still comes out on top IMHO.

    Not just saying this ... but really genuinely mean it

    Thanks for an awesome platform you guys! I'm running the latest stable version 5.2.1 here and have had no real issues to speak of since I launched a few weeks ago ... I think this doesn't get said enough on here but I'll have to say that you guys are doing an absolutely phenomenal job with this platform ...

    This thing has come a LOOOONG way since the days that I remember vB2 man ... Pretty doggone impressive what y'alls have done here

    And everyone who contributes on this forum is incredibly friendly and helping! Can't say that about a lot of other major forum platforms imo

    Alrighty well enough of the ass kissing LOL j/k

    but seriously keep up the awesome work to everyone involved here ... we really greatly appreciate what y'alls do to continue making this forum platform light years ahead of the rest IMHO!


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