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How to use H2, H3 heading tags in Articles?

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  • How to use H2, H3 heading tags in Articles?

    Couldn't find any settings for these in Options.


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    I believe there aren't any.


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      If you enclose the entire document within a static HTML module you can use HTML tags, including <h1> through <h6> tags. But I'm not sure it's necessary.


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        Ok, an article has the title marked up as H1. But it also needs H2 and H3 tags for section titles and SEO. How was this basic requirement missed in something like Articles which has other SEO features? Even Wordpress has these tags.

        Any plans on introducing just H2 and H3 tags? It's just a matter of rendering the Style dropdown with these items and CKEditor should take care of the rest.


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          Enabling HTML is a security risk.

          If you want to use semantic HTML5 markup you can. You can not only use the tags but you can also give each of them a unique ID or class and style them using CSS3.
          You can build the entire document from the opening document declaration to the closing HTML tag. But you either have to enclose the entire document within iframe tags or you have to enable HTML globally. Heading tags are not considered nearly as important to SEO as they once were. There are multiple studies which have empirically shown that simply using keywords in a larger font has exactly the same SEO effect as using heading <h1> tags.


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            How is allowing H2, H3 tags through the editor's Toolbar a risk? The toolbar already has font-family, font-size, font-style, alignment, bullets, hyperlinks, table, etc tags enabled. Rendering the Paragraph Format dropdown should be allowed. Here is the demo of CKEditor with Paragraph Format dropdown:The Paragraph Format dropdown should include items: Normal, Header 2, Header 3, Formatted items (no H1 item because it is already reserved for the page tile and hence should be removed). If the user managed to stuff H1 tags, the code should implicitly replace all <h1 and </h1 with <h2 and </h2 before saving content.
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