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Root vs Core issue after 5.1.1 to 5.1.8 upgrade

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  • Root vs Core issue after 5.1.1 to 5.1.8 upgrade


    I'm trying to create a test server going using an upgraded version of the existing (copied to new server) vbulletin forum. So far I have had limited success. First of all the needful as stickyposted by moderators...

    server: EC2 m3.xlarge
    os: linux / Apache/2.4.12 (Amazon)
    PHP: 5.4.42
    MySQL: 5.5.42

    Document Root /var/www/html
    Loaded Modules: mod_rewrite
    production forum:
    test forum:

    I have read and followed the instructions here:

    Have a production forum running 5.1.1 with unresolvable errors / issues which should be fixed by updating.
    Have an exact duplicate server on amazon ec2 on which I wish to create a test server. (all services installed running).
    Copied all files from production forums (e.g. cp * /html) and zipped them. (/var/www/html/ is the forum root. no subfolder)
    Moved those files along with a back up of the database (using the correct urls before taking the dump) to the new server.
    Populated /html with files from production forums, created mysql database < back up.
    Uploaded upgrade upload folder, removed config.files. Copied over core/ js/ includes/ forumrunner/ with uploaded
    Updated images/ css/ and fonts/ by adding new files and keeping existing assets (such as fonts and images).
    Ran the upgrade.php file from the browser at /core/install/upgrade.php
    - Encountered a duplicate widget id in the database. - Deleted the duplicate row. - Upgrade 'aborted'.
    Ran the upgrade.php file from the browser a second time.
    Completed successfully.

    I reach the last step, and when I click "go to admincp" /admincp is a directory.

    When I check for errors with the developer tools, I see that css.php is not being located at root. This is because it exists in core.

    I have tried:
    Updated config files to include base path and admincp paths, no change.

    Double checked the forum URLs and rerun the upgrade script, no change.

    Double checked .htaccess for mod_rewite on, and rewritebase is / (which is where my forum is) , no change.

    Double checked for global.php - found it in /core /modcp and /admincp directories, not root. cp'd to root, no change.

    I feel like the answer is 'get vb to find the forums in the root directory'. I just can't figure out how to do that.

    Any help is welcome. Am willing to try anything. You may also email me directly at [email protected] 24/7

    Best regards,

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    Without seeing the site, it sounds very much like the rewrite rules are not working.

    Also, have you got the correct URLS in the admincp settings? If you are using a test mirror it will be a different URL, this needs to be reflected in the settings.

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    • AlexTheRota
      AlexTheRota commented
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      I agree that there is something going on with the rewrite.

      I can only access /core/admincp so every thing is based on that. I have set the urls in the options > menu, and tried the https:// versions as well (those 404).

      These are the URLs I entered into the production vbulletin system while creating the database back up.

      Is the problem that I didn't start with a fully functioning version?

      My method was to copy the files and db to make it seem like a clone. And running the upgrade.php did result in a working vbulletin forum... kind of...

      -- Update --

      I was able to get it to work using a hack ( in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

      This works around the issue so I can test, but I would like to get the issue resolved, in a correct manner.

      -- Reply --

      Mark B
      I'm sorry you can't see the site. I did link to it in my post above. Is the link not working for you? What error are you getting?
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    • Wayne Luke
      Wayne Luke commented
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      Should have used the default .htaccess included with the software. It takes care of this situation.

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    Hello Wayne Luke, thank you for the reply.
    By the wording of your post, I wonder; is it too late to use the default .htaccess now? Must this be in place at a certain time during the upgrade process?


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      You can use it now. It would prevent issues like the one you have above from happening on a properly configured server.
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        This may have been fixed by over writing the htaccess, but I still have hack in the http.conf file, and every thing is fixed after replacing all vb files.


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