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    I would forgive and forget every bad thing I've ever said about vB5, if only I could create a page and have the drag and drop modules be page specific to that page! Each page on my site contains separate subject matter, and being able to have posted modules in the columns that refer only to that page would be totally awesome. For instance, the "what's going on" module would show those members and visitors viewing that specific page. Latest activity would let visitors know what the hot topics on that page are, and widgets could be presented that wouldnt kill the flow of every other page.

    Please make this happen!

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    What's Going On already has an option to limit users to the specific page. But it is indeed limited to that page. Not a section. An Improvement Request to allow it to look at specific channels would be a decent enhancement.

    Latest Activity is a search widget and you can select "This Channel Only" in its options to get what you want or outside a specific channel, you can specify what channel(s) it will look at.

    There is some merit to enhancing some modules for this though. Just need Improvement Requests added so they can be reviewed.
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