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VB5 isn't that good.....

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    Bickering isn't going to change anything!

    But it is good to have 1 or 2 forums open for those of us who need to rant or to express disappointment. As I see it there are many individuals with gripes, nags, grumbles, call it what you will. I have them too but I knew from the onset that VB 5 was in Beta so I had to accept that there would be a while before I can do what I need to do. I have already missed my time frame.

    As of now, I will have to wait until next winter to do my promotional stuff all over Asia. It was a gamble and this year it didn't pay off.

    I know some of you have a history with this sort of stuff and it may have been more disappointing than my short spell but there is little we can do to change things. I am just minimally content that the thread has remained open for those who wish to let off steam.

    My disappointments are minor but I am not happy all the same.

    - - - Updated - - -

    To be honest, I have had 1 personal comment/attack made towards me on this site. It was highly unprofessional and rather trivial and therefore irrelevant up to a point.
    I have been a member for maybe 3 months and we are all human, these things can happen and are often misconstrued and regretted.

    Grow up everybody! Grow up before it all begins to look a little petty.


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      I rest my case! Lmao


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        Hey guys, this is my thread, I have a right to ban anyone that makes it off topic, be warned!

        Oh, wait, sorry, I though I was on my forum......

        FYI - this is a test post in the new VB5 thats all!

        Zach, Trevor, Mark B - You are suspended for 1 week from my thread

        By the way, looking forward to talking to you guys on phone support today


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          are you kidding me? i bought this software in september, and paid for a year of hosting up front for the special needs of 5.0, and now its released as a gold product where nothing works? the list of things "not included" is staggering! just what have you been doing with this for the last year and a half? there has been discussion in this forum debating the value of this software compared to other...even, of which i stayed out of due to my wanting to give vB a fair chance to present their product, and to not be part of the problem. this "gold" release is not only incomplete but cant even be installed or used by an existing forum. for my intentions, 5.0 was to be a baseline for a ground up social media type community....which i cant even do because a critical component of the building process is listed on the "someday" list of features! needless to say, i am very disappointed in how you conduct your business, and i can assure you i will not be purchasing any further product IB develops....or partially develops.


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