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    Originally posted by dilbert View Post
    I agree you don't provide the support and that was my criticism. You don't even try. How many vb installations are completely stock? I suspect very few.
    Maybe true, though as support staff I do see a number of forums without any mods. That said virtually all VB forums can be returned to stock condition by simply adding 1 line to config.php (Disabling hooks) and switching to the default style. It takes an admin literally 2 minutes in most cases to get the forum in stock condition- and if the problem persists we can then properly support it.


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      I stand corrected on the number of users who have stock sites.
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        - - - Updated - - -

        There is a point to be made on this one.

        Originally posted by dilbert View Post
        While I don't find it acceptable for customers to be rude to staff, I find it appalling that staff lash back at customers. To me the biggest turn off and cop out for not improving the product is hearing about Jira and if it's not in there, then it won't get fixed - that's fine, then staff should enter it..
        I see it so many times that it should be added to JIRA. All of the time I want to add it myself but I refrain as it is not my observation. But why is it not submitted by staff? If they suggest it should be put into JIRA, why don't they do it?

        I guess many people do not know how to do a JIRA, it took me a while before I understood the tracker process.
        And if it never goes in, it will just lie there until it goes away and things may never improve.

        If I see this comment again, is it ok if I submit it?


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          Originally posted by DemOnstar View Post
          But why is it not submitted by staff? If they suggest it should be put into JIRA, why don't they do it?
          Because as the reporter, if the Devs/QA need to come back for further information on recreating the bug or your server environment etc, that won't happen if it's a staff member that raises it. We do sometimes raise them, particularly if we can see the issue on here or our own sites.
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            Ok, thanks for the explanation, it does seem to clarify certain criteria but I don't think it clears the topic fully.

            As I see it, these problems are reported for a reason, whether it be unfamiliarity, confusion, or actual, legitimate claims.
            The whole VB 5 thing has my head in a whirl.

            I sincerely hope that when the gold release is complete I have a site that is simple and problem free.
            I have never done anything akin to this and it is all way above my head.

            For the simple user, it is not simple at all.....


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              This whole add it to Jira thing could be solved if Jira had the ability to add who the reporter is (staff only function) that way staff could add it for you and they could enter you as the reporter. Problem solved.
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                Of the 7880 issues entered into JIRA for vBulletin, 5976 of them have been entered by staff. So to say we don't enter JIRAs is false. However even staff don't have full permissions in the software so being able to assign someone else as the reporter may be possible. Not sure we want to go down that road. Lately, we've been entering more JIRA's on the customer's behalf. Usually we want to be able to recreate the issue first though. I've personally have created 291 issues for vBulletin 5. Of which 150 have been resolved currently. I've participated in another 551. Each one can be a significant investment of time. Glad to do it when I can though.

                When you're entering a JIRA, all you need to do is provide four pieces of information. 1) Version where the problem occurs. 2) Summary/Title. 3) Description of the issue. 4) Whether it is a bug, improvement request or feature request. The rest will be filled in and/or modified by the bug scrubbers, QA Team or BRB.

                Also with enhancements in vBulletin 5 such as API Extensions and Template Hooks, we can probably help more with customizations over time. Though we won't be able to support third-party code. With lower need to edit default templates, more possibilities open up. Same as when Plugins were introduced and there was less need to edit the default files.
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                  Originally posted by Wayne Luke View Post
                  Of the 7880 issues entered into JIRA for vBulletin, 5976 of them have been entered by staff.
                  Why have there been so many issues to begin with? Shouldn't 9 out of 10 have been obvious to the developers - even without an explicit note in Jira? All I hear is Jira here and Jira there, you gotta enter it or it won't be noticed, etc. Yet, ultimately I fail to see how it's going to help to develop a premium product.


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