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    Hey I, Brian... i would be more concerned about the lack of activity or discussions from VBSEO on how their plugin will adapt to VB5.... i think we already know that VB5 vanilla will not offer much with VBSEO... sure, there are alot of sites working just fine without VBSEO but for those with VBSEO (myself), we can't even touchVB5 until they provide some communication on what their plans are...

    i asked them over here:

    Originally posted by I, Brian View Post
    No worries, now done.

    vbulletin 3 was the first forum software package to explicitly allow Google to index it out of the box.

    Unbelievably, many other coders never understood why forum owners might want to have Google pick up their forums and display them prominently.

    And yet, unless you have a presence on Google, you will not earn an advertising income from your forum, nor will your community grow without some alternative word of mouth marketing.

    Being search friendly is very important, and vbseo was but one mod_rewrite option that offered to help with that. It's become a security liability now, though.

    Ironically, SEO is just an extension of general usability principles, but even vb3 could make simply mistakes such as offer at least 10 different URLs for the same page:

    That's just one reason why so many people used a mod_rewrite solution - vbseo was just one of many - and why many people will not move to vb5 unless they have more comtrol over the mod_rewrite process.

    They don't need the full vbseo control panel, but just a couple of simple options, more of less what free software such as Wordpress already offers, would keep make everyone with a mod_rewrite solution already in play much better minded to move to vb5.


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      Please keep discussion of vBSEO's products and services to their site, thanks.

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        Originally posted by stryka View Post
        i would be more concerned about the lack of activity or discussions from VBSEO
        I'm not too concerned:


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          We do understand some work is needed on SEO. We've got a number of issues related to this that are being worked on. Customers have to realize that we sell the software as a series now as well. This does reduce cost of ownership over time. I don't expect anyone to upgrade until they get the features they need.

          The issue for Canonical URLs is here:

          I, Brian's issue is here:

          I've added this JIRA request here:

          Translations provided by Google.

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            Cheers, Wayne - much appreciated. I have at least 7 forums I'd like to consider upgrading from vb3, with a few more mothballed ready to rebuild when financial conditions allow.


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              Voted. Lets hope they get done sooner rather than later.
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                I would like to see SEO improvements with VB5 too as Brian said word press a free software has dealt with this issue and is not really ideal depending on a third party software to do so.


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