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Are there any big forums running this yet?

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  • Are there any big forums running this yet?

    Has anyone got a link to a big forum that runs VB5, I always love the pre sales page lol. it does sound wonderful, but I had nightmares with vb4 when I moved over my load went up by 20% - 40%, I had to search the internet for tweaks etc from digitalpoint, and bought vboptimise in the process.

    And I just know there will be no way back to vb4.

    I would just like to see a big site with over a million posts or so, and maybe 100-500 concurrent users online... not a massive site like vbulletin with servers to burn but a site run within a budget.

    Not knocking vbulletin I have been using it for years and years since I moved from ubbthreads back in the day!

    But vbulletin tend to push the new software out, without care for larger sites.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Unlikely any really big sites will be running a beta live, to be honest.

    Performance and scalability are big focuses in vB5 though.
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      Ok thanks Mark

      I will wait and see how it gets on.

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        Originally posted by Mickie D View Post
        Ok thanks Mark

        I will wait and see how it gets on.

        I would always say to any big site......take upgrades slowly. Don't feel pushed to rush in.
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          It's going to be a while before any site of substance is comfortable with making the transition to vBulletin 5, largely because all of the modifications and template edits done in vB4 either won't work or won't be available for some time. People tend to become attached to their bells and whistles.


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            The only "big boards" I've seen on vb5 are clones just to test the upgrade and performance.
            I've yet to see a big board live with vb5 and I wouldn't suggest it for some time still.
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              Would anyone like to share a link to a clone? Interested to see how it does under a large amount of users and posts.


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                Originally posted by bubka3 View Post
                Would anyone like to share a link to a clone? Interested to see how it does under a large amount of users and posts.
                Most won't be able to do that either, since clone/test sites have to be non-public under the license agreement.
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                  There aren't many sites that'll convert, at least until an infraction system is in place.


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                    Agreed... For us, the software isn't even "evaluatable" without infractions and paid subscriptions, as I suspect will be the case for the majority of anything medium sized or larger.

                    Not even sure how they are going to manage this site when it upgrades and they lose the infraction system.
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                      Is the infraction system not in the works? If not it sounds like something that would again become a popular mod.

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                        Being a first time person with VB I've found it rather difficult - even the purchasing process was a pain.

                        However, two days in I'm finally starting to understand it. I program for a game - the forums which I'm creating will hopefully be used. The game I work for is develop games for mobile devices- and the mobile version of VB5 is amazing.

                        I think it's good- a few errors here and there, but nothing enough for me to install VB4.


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                          Originally posted by tpearl5 View Post
                          Is the infraction system not in the works? If not it sounds like something that would again become a popular mod.
                          Vote for:

                          - *Admin Settable Paid Subscription Reminder Timeframe*
                          *PM - Add ability to reply to originator only*
                          - Add Admin ability to auto-subscribe users to specific channel(s)
                          - "Quick Route" Interface...


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                            Im starting a new website this week.
                            I expect it will grow to a decent number in a matter of a few months. 200 or so active users at most all times.

                            I may as well learn the vb5 now? It is available to use on a new live website that plans to build its way up?


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                              It is available. However we can't officially recommend a Beta for a live site. We can't stop you either.
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