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  • Patience

    It has been a long, long road for some people, longer than I care to think.

    It has been only 2 or 3 weeks for me with VB 5 and my eyes are straining and my body aches for the time I spend in front of the computer trying to sort it out. It seems overly complicated and very off putting to most people I guess to be doing this programming stuff. For the average user, this is not an ideal 'working out of the box solution'.
    Even when it goes gold (which hopefully for me is not too soon) I don't think it would be easily grasped by the majority of people. Which is a large number and a big market. Anyway, I digress.

    So far to get anything done it is a major pain, going back and forth with Firebug or equivalent, looking at css classes or whatever you call them and trying to identify what is what and where it is. Editing elements at the bottom of the screen and seeing things change at the top or somewhere other than where you want or need it to happen. It is a real chore, it is a monumental headache.

    But, having said all of that, it does keep me off the streets and off the drink. Saves me money and occupies my mind more than the idiots I stumble across in most of the bars I frequent. It also stops me playing games, watching movies and provides me with a valid excuse not to meet my girlfriend. I lose endless nights sleep trying to figure it out and generally feel rather rough after a VB 5 session which incidentally is every night and most days.

    Yes, it is a sad life for me but it is not my job. I don't have to do this. It is what I choose to do and I even pay for the privilege. It is the VB chaps who have to sort this little lot out. And the rest of us just find all of the faults and there are many but they get less and less by the day (I think).

    I am sure it will all work out, it is just a matter of when.

    Keep up the good work everyone and more importantly, get it right.... And fault finders, you too.

    Its the armchair coders like me who know very little but are still quite active as we sit designing our own little worlds based on VB technology. Have you tried to build it from scratch? I haven't and I wouldn't, it is far too complicated a task. Imagine doing it from the beginning, starting your first line of code for your first page.

    No, leave that to someone else, it is a mammoth undertaking and you know it, otherwise you wouldn't be here. I cant wait for Beta 22.

    Thanks again...........

    I am off to work on that other disaster area known as permissions. (Cant wait)

    Back soon I expect.....

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