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    Hi, I am sorry if I have to repeat this post here. I am not sure where is the right place to post this as there are "support", "feedback", forums, etc.

    1) How do we control the excerpt size? I am referring to the text shown for each latest posts on the latest activitiy or blog home page?
    I tried to insert a HRule but it does not split the post.

    2) When I insert a table in the post, the whole table gets into the excerpt.

    In the content, I have a few paragraphs on top and a table below.
    The paragraphs on top is truncated to a one-liner and shown in the excerpt on the "Latest Activity" page.
    However, below this excerpt, the whole table is shown as well and making the excerpt extra-ordinary big.

    3) What is the purpose of the "latest comment" for the blog sidebar when it is not showing the comment but showing what is also shown on the left side, Blog Home?
    It is like duplicate content on the same page.
    In most blogs, "Comments" refer to Recent Comments to a post, and Not the post itself.

    4) And how can we remove the "Latest Comments" from the blog page since it is as irritating as a duplicate content on the same page as the Blog Home? There is no trashbin for the Latest Comment module on the blog page?

    5) When can we get the list of categories module on the right sidebar. If we remove the "Latest Comments, there is nothing to put there, except maybe tags. I don't have any Youtube to show and the site is not a media site but for information and discussion.

    Appreciate if dev can get this done so that at least we can have a presentable site even if it is in beta stage.

    At this point now, I hate to switch back to VB4 since I spent so much time on this. Thanks!

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    1) You can't at the moment due to a bug.

    2) See #1.

    3) Probably a bug in the search. Haven't looked at it much in detail myself though.

    4) You can remove the module in Site Builder by editing the page.

    5) We'll work on Categories for Blogs in an upcoming release.
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      For para 4, latest comments cannot be deleted unless changing to a different layout. As mentioned, there is not trash icon.

      At this stage I think the beta is not quite near release as I thought it might be ready by year end...


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