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  • Beta 19 Feedback

    I'm not really sold on this at all. I'll start with the couple things I like:
    • Great implementation of the photo gallery in the forum
    • Gallery and albums ties in nicely in the user profile

    Now there are quite a few things I don't really like:
    • The forum/latest activity/subscription tabs - the ajax loading is very confusing.
    • For recent activity I much prefer how IPB does it. Having the tabs at the top of the forum reminds me very much of how joomla forum look. Forum, blogs, groups, and I'd imagine the cms all look like they're wrapped in the website like 3rd party apps.
    • At first glance creating a new blog is a mystery. Once I look around I

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    session timed out and half my post didn't get saved. I got the jist of it in there though.

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    For the Blogs, there are a number of improvements to come to that as it's acknowledged that there is still work to be done on this.

    If you have specific suggestions and you don't see anythign related to these in the Tracker already, please feel free to add them there.
    Vote for:

    - *Admin Settable Paid Subscription Reminder Timeframe*
    *PM - Add ability to reply to originator only*
    - Add Admin ability to auto-subscribe users to specific channel(s)
    - "Quick Route" Interface...


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      I don't have anything jira worthy, just some feedback.

      Having messages and alerts lumped together doesn't seem right. Actually, the messages page looks nice but I don't like being taken to a new page just to find somebody liked a post. I also like to have some sort of notification of who sent a message and what it's about before I leave the page I'm viewing. Also the url is saying I'm in private messages when I received a like not pms.

      I'm also wondering what this is:, it allows me to create a new forum topic in the albums area?


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        Originally posted by Eruss View Post
        I'm also wondering what this is:, it allows me to create a new forum topic in the albums area?
        It is a channel that can be used to gather all images posted on the site. There was a problem with attachments which affected beta to beta upgrades a while back though so it isn't behaving correctly on that demo site.
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          I have to agree on the notifikation. There is not reason why you have to go to the page just to see that someone liked a post or replyed to a thread, this information should be avalible in a pull down menu and when you click on a notifikation you shoumd be taken to the post and the notifikation reset.


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            ^^ Agreed on the notifications. It's so unproductive to have to be taken to another page just to check/delete your notifications. Just make it a drop down and highlight them (like facebook) and make that an acknowledgment, yet if you CLICK on the notification, you will be taken to the exact page/message. Would be a HUGE win for notifications.
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