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If You Were Building your First Site Right Now, Would You Use vB4 or vB5?

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    Well, being that I have not been able to even get a test site installed for vb5 and have not got any help from support here to get installed, I would say I would use vb4.


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      If is see and read all the bug fixes and troubels, and even look at the coders.
      I'm staying to vb4 and later to a other software forum.

      Also i cant look how many peopel have pay for vb5, buth i think it wil be not many as to vb4.
      Even if i see that a lot of vb4 users have now a good and solid site why would the begin from scratch vb5
      with al troubels again?

      It was better if vb has upgrade from vb4 to.....................vb5 as exampel.
      Instead of making a new vb5 with al troubels again like the beginning of vb4.

      I see a lot of coders who has making a good job for vb4.
      And maybe the stick also with vb4 and are not going upgrade to vb5.
      So i think the vb5 wil not upgrade with his coders.

      And paying for support monthly?
      For a forum software wat is just being starting new?
      Look at the big list of fixes the last upgrades of vb5.
      And think at yours starting time of vb4 again.

      Just stick and build with vb4.
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      I don't buy VB5!


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