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If You Were Building your First Site Right Now, Would You Use vB4 or vB5?

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  • If You Were Building your First Site Right Now, Would You Use vB4 or vB5?

    Ok I am just now learning and building a site. I have been reading and learning my install of vb4 for the last 2 months, i have a lot of learning to go. I currently do not know when My site will go live, just hope it is sometime this winter as i have a lot of folks waiting for it. But it does have a lot of customizations that I would like to have happen and a lot of overall design choices that I can only start to make now as I learn what is possible.

    So the question is, should I maybe switch now before I get to intrenched with vB4? I know how pissy forum users are when site owners upgrade and change things on the, it would be great to start with what i would be using for a very long time. But how long is it going to be till vB5 is ready for primetime? Am i just risking being dead in the water is the release schedule does not go well?

    So frustrating...

    (i do qualify for the extra discount) and although I'm pissed to be thinking about paying a second time after only 60 days, its probably less than my time is worth when i would want to migrate the site later.
    vb4 - Stick with what's already released & works
    Both - set them up side by side, if the vB5 is gold by the time you want to go life, great, otherwise fall back to vB4
    vB5 - Might as well put the time and effort into setting it all up once

    The poll is expired.

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    If you are just learning about everything I would stay with vb4. I bought 5 and even though there are some things much nicer, there are others that aren't. vB 5 may be awhile and right now it isn't worth the price to be waiting for it. You can run vB4 for a long time without upgrading. The discount isn't that much considering you have to wait. .


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      If you're planning on going "live" with a production site within the next three to six months it would make sense to use vB4. While I purchased vB5 and love it's potential it is nowhere close to being ready for a Gold release. There is no time estimate on its completion. The caveat is to avoid any plugins or modifications that may not function with vB5 if you plan on upgrading.


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        so i have learned and then relearned many a complex program in my day, having been with photoshop for instance since v2 (thats not CS2, I'm talking about the version from '97!) and other complex rendering programs, and it just drives me nuts to go from feeling like an expert in one version to a fish out of water in the next because the thought it would be cool to change where every little thing is. For folks that have a fairly good knowledge of v4, how was it to step into v5? is it learning a lot of it all over again, or is knowledge of one put you in a pretty good spot for the next?

        I guess I'm asking if I through myself into learning all the minutia of v4 if I am wasting my time?

        I have been on forums as a user for so long i have a lot of opinions on what makes a good site and what is bad, i really want to make the best site for a community that i care deeply about. I a really understand how that is a balance between giving them all the greatest features and the vital importance of making sure what you give them actually works.


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          I don't think you will have much trouble going from one to the other. It is just going to take a little time styling and you can do that through a test site while using your vB4. I just don't believe you should waste the money at this time when we don't know when it will be ready and how much more it will give to your users. If you want to move up later then spend the money then. You will have much more knowledge of vBulletin by then.

          Are you just building a forum or are you going to have CMS also? If you are using CMS that could be a year away.(hope not) There are a lot of things that make 5.0 easier but there are to many bugs that doesn't make it feel that way. You will be able to use vB4 for as long as you like without uprading and it may feel and look better to you than the next version. I'm just saying you are already getting the feel for 4.2 why get frustrated with 5.0. I like 5.0 but there is alot I'm trying to get use to and I've owned vB since 2005 and been moderating them since 2001. It was a bigger step going from vB3 to 4.0 then it is to 5.0. You won't have a problem moving to next version once you get use to vB 4.2. Now is not the time to do it though.
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              well that last bit is pretty unhelpful. if you really want to turn someone away from vB, at least tell me a better way to go. If not then why bother to speak up?


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                There is always WWWBoard.
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                  Originally posted by Rivka View Post
                  well that last bit is pretty unhelpful. if you really want to turn someone away from vB, at least tell me a better way to go. If not then why bother to speak up?
                  What do you want to hear? I am sorry I don't have all the answers for you. You said it's your first site. Many of us don't have the luxury to choose and built upon a forum software from scratch. We are stuck in the predicament that neither staying with what we have nor upgrading to what's going to be is a feasible solution (the former because it's outdated, the latter because of unmet expectations). So if I was to start a new site, given from what I know today, I would go with neither of the two you cited.


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                      Until vB5 goes gold, you really can't ask the question
                      - It's alpha (never run alpha or beta software on a production site)
                      - We really don't know what features or functionality it will have - how will it meet your needs.
                      - other features they say will be included. They do not have any deliverable dates. No one really knows when the CMS/Mobile/ other parts will be released and in what condition.

                      Your only option at this point would be vB4, based on your poll. Is this a monetary site? If not I would go with something a little less expensive then a vB product.

                      If you're looking to make money and need professional software (forums) then you should be asking; vB4 vs (some other forums software that is gold).

                      Either way, good luck and make sure you do your homework to get what's best for you and your new site.
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                        Never use a beta version of ANY software to create a productive site.

                        Someone said to me: don't trust MS Operating System unless it has reached SP3


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                          You want to definitely wait for vB5 to go gold before making a choice.

                          If you have to make a decision within days then I'd suggest going with vB4, the product is very good and neat. 4.2.0 makes vBulletin 4.x a complete product I think.

                          You could always upgrade to vB5 later on when you feel comfortable upgrading to it.

                          If you are into custom plugins and mods then you may want to wait for those specific mods to be released for vB5 before making the switch unless you can live without them.

                          Either way I think vB5 brings a breath of fresh air and I am looking forward to see what the final product will be like.
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                            Originally posted by SpaceStar View Post
                            Never use a beta version of ANY software to create a productive site.

                            Someone said to me: don't trust MS Operating System unless it has reached SP3
                            Windows 7, for the most part, was an exception to that, I think, although I suppose it was basically Vista SPX with all the crap removed. :P


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                              Personally I would set it up on vb5 as I kinda figure if the site is new its gonna take a while to kick off anyways and would like to learn vb5 on a production site so would be from a selfish point of view in a way, however I have to admit it is not what I would recommend to others if someone asked me what is the sensible thing to do. Would recommend starting it with vb4 and working with vb5 on a test site until its gold and stable. Then by that point make a judgement on whether it is ready for your site or it is not, something you will only know once you have started the ball rolling on your site.
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