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    Originally posted by rexxxy View Post
    Y'all leave slinky alone. He invest more money in vbulletin than some of the people complaining about him expressing his views.

    So because you're in the EU and it doesn't apply to you it's oh well who cares? So Because your members don't like FB and his does means he's not suppose to care about privacy concerns?
    Yout missing the poiny. There is bo issue with expressing his view. The issue is with trashing every positive thread as if they are in the wrong for liking something.
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      Originally posted by soniceffect View Post
      Slinky, honest question. Why are you here? I have seen people say "oh we should be able to say xyz" and thats quite correct, however what on earth is the idea behind coming onto a topic where someone is happy with the product and trying to destroy the reputation of it with them also. Suppose I should state the below save you trying to "convert" me,
      30 day ticket support... Slowness... Messy CSS ... Im condifent it will be
      Do whatever you want, I don't care. I never mentioned VB5's extreme slowness, messy CSS or 30 day ticket support in this thread or any other thread -- yet you feel you must crusade to tell everyone how confident you are about this laundry list of VB 5 problems being fixed. Why? Please don't involve me or attribute me with anything in your positive ramblings and absurd claims about all your threads being trashed.

      Originally posted by soniceffect View Post
      Licence transfer - Im actually in the EU so could do so, however would have to pay for it. well it involves admin at the end of the day so fair enough.
      Domain change - Im pretty sure that by giving you the ability to change it in your panel that is vbuletin giving you permission, however doesnt bother me either way.
      VB Facebook Privacy concerns - Im assuming you have never read facebooks terms, so you carry on asking questions and enjoy yourself.
      So being in the US is not important. Licensing is a trivial matter where you hope for this and hope for that. FYI - if it's not there you don't have the rights. For example, vB 3 license holders cannot access the latest versions because IB/VB can legally withhold them for payment of a VB 5 upgrade. Your confidence means nothing. Regarding Facebook privacy, only a fool isn't aware of Facebook privacy issues. And if you read the thread, it's 100% clear I read them and any webmaster should at least try not to make privacy policies the joking matter you are.

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      Originally posted by Fortforum View Post
      This is a problem, but as stated, it´s not about the software. I want to do the right thing, but this is not what i expected, to be honest. A simple changeover in the customer details should do it, and im confident that is what it will be in the end. About facebook, my users tend not to like the bridge to fb, very few have used it, and it seems that people are kind of reluctant to use it. They just don´t want there forum life to be associated with there fb life, and i can appreciate that.
      It's not a wise move to buy anything based upon faith in the good of mankind. Nobody believed they would have to buy VB 5 just to go from VB 3.8.5 to Vb 3.8.6 or VB 3.8.7. Regarding Facebook - go beyond just technical issues. What if your forum users (and you) find out that Internet Brands has been using your forum users' data in some fashion for their own purposes? In looking back, I think this was asked over a year ago and the company avoided answer. This information is probably what you want to tell your users before they consent to using the Facebook App, isn't it?

      Originally posted by Fortforum View Post
      Futhermore, i still havn´t figured out why you feel the need of using such strong language when expressing your feelings on vb5. You talk about an "embarrassing fiasco" and a "technical disaster". I think it´s way to early to judge, and personaly i wouldn´t do that until all the facts are in.
      This has nothing to do with VB5. It concerns other purchases. I suspect they created a monster problem internally and are think they can force customers to deal with all of their problems. Take the VB 4 license transfers issue as one example. Coincidentally around the time VB 5 is launched, customers can no longer transfer VB 4 licenses. Then there is a statement that you can - they just they can't technically do it for the indefinite future and they have no date when this will be fixed. How could this happen? I don't have much time for further discussion here. I'm hoping that others will calm down and get back to reasonable discussion. I'm unsubscribing.
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          Originally posted by Fortforum View Post
          I got myself a vb 5 license. I installed it, and the whole process took me about 20 mins. It was a hazzle free download, installation and setup.

          I have seen many threads here talking vb5 down, but i must counter that. The concept of vb5 is different from what i´v seen before. It´s different from vb4, xf, ipb, phpbb. But it is to the better. Ok, this product is in beta, we have all heard that, and i just can´t belive people are even trying to upgrade live boards at this stage.

          I like vb 5 already. A bunch of stuff needs to be completed ofcourse, as it´s obviously missing, but there is a huge potential here. Was this lisence to expensive? No, because we are paying for the finalized product, and while waiting for it, we can familiarize ourselvs with the new concept.

          To me, this approach has worked perfectly. I like vb 5 already, and as i skipped the vb 4 gen, im realy looking forward to upgrade all my boards to vb5. So to all pessimists here, i say that we should keep our spirits up, and wait. This will be a great product. And in the meantime, we have time to master sitebuilder. What a great feature! I helped me to get vb look just the way i wanted it to. I did´t lioke the subforums that was default under the Forum tab. I little sitebuilder magic did the trick.

          There are a few boards out there, but face it: vb is the king of forums!
          I like the concept of vb5 as well. Though I do not find it much different from XenForo. I see a lot of functions and design decisions which seem to be inspired by XenForo.
          Much of your expectations are based upon the faith that IB will put in the effort to bring vb5 to true Gold standard, will deliver 125 announced features and (not unimportant) is also capable of doing so.
          This is something that I am very uncertain of. They may well bring vb5 to Gold standard. But can we really have faith in this?
          IB's track record shows that:
          - A long list of announced vb4 features never arrived.
          - Years of development inactivity after initial wave of mega sales.
          - 3 years after release vb4 still has 850 bugs including fatal errors, data loss and critical bugs. It seems highly unlikely that vb4 will ever get fixed.
          - They still advertise and sell a malfunctioning mobile suite. After years, people still can barely use the product they bought. If at all.

          That at least shows there is sound reason to be careful with expectations and faith in IB.

          There also is the question if vb5 is fixable at all. You can't build a building on a poorly designed foundation without running into severe problems later on.
          In my experience with poorly designed software, it can be a major headache and fixing one bug can easily result in new bugs. It continuously needs support. Especially if you run an active site with lots of users encountering every possible situation.

          So, the question very much is: Is vbulletin 5 a solid base of the modern community?
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            So thoroughly off-topic that this thread isn't even useful anymore.
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