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Caching in vb5. Broken??

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    Originally posted by dilbert View Post
    You've mentioned "small" sites a few times in other posts. It feels like the little guys are being left out in the planning for vB5.
    It is a bit odd... parts of it feel like it's made for large sites only, but then other parts of it make it flat out not possible to run on a large site (for example, the number of queries it needs to generate a page view would mean I would need a DB server able to handle around 10,000-15,000 queries per second if I were to use it for our forum). Hopefully they can get it all worked out in the end.
    Sphinx Search for vBulletin 4:
    Someone send me a message on Twitter when this site is usable again.


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      Block PK and IN users and your base will drop 90+%. Things might speed up.

      Hello deer fiends, I happy to be at the here Adsense forem. I got banned.. why?? help me pleaze. LMAO.


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        I applaud the honesty!

        Wayne, thanks for the development honesty. I do believe it will take a while before vb5 is a stable product, but I do like the direction it is going. I really disliked being in the dark in the last couple of months and I am voicing that opinion so that your corporate structure can understand that complaint. However, I have enjoyed since the beta release, the openness of the vb team. The development team has always proven that they can make a stable product and I do believe vb5 will get there. I will be purchasing vb5 as to follow its development, but not to use. I would hope that vbulletin corporate will extend the discount period. My company does not work that fast as to purchase it before the end of the month and I have a tough time justifying the purchase/expense for a product we cannot use any time soon.

        Anyway, kudos on the honesty and the progress in the direction vb is going. I really could care if anyone likes me at vbulletin (for those that think I am brown nosing). but I have a job to do for my company and I signed off on vbulletin4 early and was burnt. Practicality and honesty in development will win me back.

        I do urge your company not to have any more dark periods of information: It only helps in speculation. If it wasn't for the honesty I am seeing now, I would have decided to just continue development ourselves on vb4 and never look towards vb5.

        Question: If I purchase vb5 in the near future is the API documented and will I have access to documentation on how the OO or hook system works. Yes, I can look over the code in studio eclipse as I did in vb4 , but I really do not have the time to play around for the fun of it. Thanks in advance!


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          Just went back and checked page load times.

          It was seriously painful.

          Not trying to be argumentative, or cute, or spiteful.

          But at the current time, it is the slowest forum page load response I have seen.

          Come back here, things move along at normal rapid clip speed.

          Its like somebody added me to a miserable user group.


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