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vb5 not so bad as first thought

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  • hornstar6969

    It took me forever to find the Additional Options button in the advanced editor lol. I think it would be better to just have the Upload Attachments button shown by default. What would I log that as?

    I love the attachment manager in vb5 so much more compared to vb4. vb4 was horrible.

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  • Wayne Luke
    Thanks for the feedback. Some of your issues are known and already logged in JIRA.

    4 and 6 should be reported as bugs. 18 is an improvement request

    For 16 you would link videos on the Add Link tab of the content entry.

    19 is being worked on more heavily now.

    20, go to the Advanced Editor tab and click on "Additional Options"

    21, this is a fairly nice feature and will help a lot of people out I think.

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  • Allen Lin
    Content updates take approximately 5 minutes to show in the Activity Stream due to cache settings.

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    Guest replied
    Thanks for the update Hornstar...

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  • Solitaire
    Videos automatically embed, but yea, that is confusing if you don't know that right off the bat.

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  • hornstar6969
    started a topic vb5 not so bad as first thought

    vb5 not so bad as first thought

    Finally testing vb5 demo on the PC (as on the mobile it just crashes).

    1. Attachment manager in the sig area– 1000 times better than vb4. However I can’t see this used anywhere else
      * Although I didn’t like being told my image was too big after it got to the end of the upload. It should have told me at the start.
      * I also feel it would have been better to start auto uploading the images instead of waiting for me to press start upload on the image or button.
    2. Sigs, I like the way you can now easily upload an attachment from the sig overlay that I clicked on. However I didn’t like being told I had no permission for images once I went through the whole process. It should have told me to begin with. Also after removing the image, I still get the error: Error saving signature: no_permission_images (But there is no image!)
    3. Profile customization – Feels a lot better to the last time I tested it. I like how you don’t have to upload an image else where, you can do it from the one page.
    4. In profile page, when changing date of birth, if you put the wrong date, it gives you an error on a new page with no styling, just a white page with : Error reported:
      You have entered an invalid birthday.
      Back to Settings
    5. At the top it shows HOME BLOGS PROFILE GROUPS almost everywhere except when you are on HOME, it only shows HOME BLOGS GROUPS. Is this as designed? It feels like it should be showing profile as well when on home. (actually looks like the login bug)
    6. I like the way you can login or signup at the top, and I like the menu at the top better than vb4. However I noticed there was no check box to check if you would like emails from the admin/members.
    7. As long as I can change the wording from Channels to Forums I think that may help transition me from vb3 to vb5. I just am not sold on the word channels, it is too big of a change for me lol.
    8. Bug on posts: it says · Posts: 11 However I Just posted my first post.
    9. There needs to be a limit on how longs status messages can be, as I just posted a massive one and destroyed the page.
    10. The footer in the profile is behind the visitor message box.
    11. I just wrote 2 visitor messages and a post on the forums, however it is saying No activity results to display
    12. I just noticed you can vote in a poll in the search results page. That is kinda cool ^^ However if there is more than 4 poll choices, the vote now and view poll results button overlap the poll in the search results.
    13. It says hornstar is offline, when I am infact online and posting.
    14. It said I had 4 new Messages, than I click on the 4, and it took me to my privatemessages page, where there is none. There is no new notification. There is no new request. There is no new message. Strange that it said I had 4 new a second ago.
    15. I clicked on Sub-Channel 1, and it is listing about 5 Topics, however down the bottom it says No topics found.
    16. The only place I see videos is in my profile, everywhere else I only see a Photos tab with no videos tab option.
    17. I have to keep logging in. even with remember me ticked, it is not, and I have to retype my user and pass when I click back to Home after being to Private Messages.
    18. There is no way to minimize the sidebar.
    19. Everything is so slow. This is the biggest let down for me.
    20. I can’t work out how to upload attachments in a post. I can only upload photos. There is also no video button or attachment button.
    21. I also love the way you can add a profile image and have it resized and choose the part of the photo.

      Overall I like what I see, and will be keeping an eye on progress. I have not given up on vb5 yet. As long as the speed problem goes away, the bugs get cleaned up and the missing features come back, I will be looking at upgrading my big board to vb5. Some big hopes there, however vb5 does have some nice new modern features.
    Last edited by hornstar6969; Fri 14 Sep '12, 4:37pm.

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