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I am really not trying to be negative..

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    What I dont understand is that if this is Beta 10 then the release candidate can't be far behind. So why is it so under developed and missing core functions that exist in the current core product?

    Instead of making the excuse "It's only a beta, it has a long way to go" we should have been blown away by this beta saying "Wow, I can't believe this is just a Beta!"

    I can't think of any software company that would release a Live Beta version 10 that is in such a state as Vb5 is.
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      I am completely shocked how vBulletin 5 looks, I really hope this is a joke!
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        I had to look at the calendar twice to make sure this wasn't April Fool's day. I am in utter disbelief about vB5.


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          Originally posted by The Crow
          After the early vBulletin 4 backlash, I really can't understand how IB dares releasing such a subpar product as vBulletin 5 Connect. I've always been a big supporter of vBulletin and I believe the 4.2 version is a good product, but this is inexcusable.
          Well...there are some business models that work that seem to fit what is going on here with vb5. For example, some companies can actually make a profit by focusing on quantity over quality...and I think that has historically been IB's philosophy. I think it is an outdated model of course, and one that doesn't yield the most profit...but for some companies, it seems to work (unfortunately).

          I think the challenge with such a business model however, is that if the product is so inferior, it won't be able to compete regardless of the branding or marketing behind it. vb5 in its present state, is a complete failure and will result in very little (to no profit) as it stands now IMO. I would expect that it drives sales to vb's competitors in fact. However, it is in beta stage (apparently), so there may be a lot of things that can be done to it to really help it.

          I agree that it was premature to release this stage of vb5, I don't think this would traditionally be considered a beta by any industry standards (but more of an alpha release), but it is what it is. Hopefully the devs and mgt will listen to all the feedback (which to my knowledge, has been perhaps 99% negative) and try to change their development philosophy and focus on quality and what the customer base wants feature wise. Time will only tell.


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            vbulletin 4.0 was so horrible and bug ridden, that after that customers were quite happy with a new editor, a half baked activity stream and part of the bugs fixed.
            It does pay to show people something truly horrible and then replacing it with something half decent. I'm hoping that this is not whats happening with vb5.
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              oh man, this can't be happening. 5 looks so lame and the video is terrible. This company is scaring me now. I'm so looking forward to this forum switching to 5, so I/ we can either dump the entire concept ( get closure) of continuing with this format or do cartwheels with joy. I hope its better than what appears to be extremely bad.

              What a gong show.
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                I rather stick with my half empty platter of vB 4.

                The design isn't user friendly at all, things seem to slow and upgrading isn't even worth it, I rather just buy another licence (if any, at all) than upgrade.


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                  Originally posted by Alfa1
                  It does pay to show people something truly horrible and then replacing it with something half decent. I'm hoping that this is not whats happening with vb5.
                  I dont quite agree on that, the number of customers you lose from providing a poor initial release far exceeds the number of old and gone customers you can bring back with however much efforts to improve the script. Its simple to understand, you slap someone on his face and then apologize, what is the net effect? I bet we'd be seeing people slapping each other every second if this actually helps with friendship and relationship.


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                    They don't know forums... errrr, wait, they do....

                    Originally posted by AlexanderT
                    And that is why I believe in, "Cobbler, stick to thy last." Stick with what you know. Do forums. I never believed in the all-encompassing CMS stuff. For that, there are other solutions available.
                    With all fairness, the current development team at IB which works on vBulletin doesn't actually "know forums" like the vB of past years that we've all come to know and love. That was demonstrated very clearly with vBulletin 4.x and even more so with "vB 5 'Connect'".

                    Uh, look at almost any IB-owned forum (,,,, are some that I know) and ask yourself what they all have in common. *Hint* *Cough* *3.x*

                    So they do actually "know forums" and run their own sites on a product their own staff had no involvement in developing. Odd that.

                    If vB 4 or 5 is so great, why doesn't IB actually use it themselves?


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                      its okay making negative comment, means we are care about vBulletin

                      i wonder if IB Staff will show how many peoples did purchase on this beta stage?
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                        Can anyone explain this?

                        Click image for larger version

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                          I had a look to the vb5 I can say that there is no any worth for it , for me I feel that the company did this vb5 only for collecting money reason only
                          really poor features and poor strategy for the vbulletin company and I think the management has to review one more time their development plans .


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                            Well, there's been some speculation that parts of the development have been outsourced. It is definitely the case that there is a variety of coding styles (evidenced by the various coding styles and patterns found in the php code...specific examples were pasted into another community for everyone to examine), so it would make sense that there are several people writing the code. The more problems I see of this nature, the more I'm inclined to agree with others that much of it is indeed, outsourced.


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                              Originally posted by J1mmy
                              Well, the wait is over for me. I'm off to buy a IPB license - who's coming?
                              Two of my clients who also waited for vB5's release both went IPB in the last two hours. One of them was an avid vBulletin user since 2003.

                              Hard to stay positive about vB right now, I must say.
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                                I"m disappointed. Enough reasons already given. This should have at least several months of additional work with a LOT more beta testers.

                                There must be some reason this was rushed (perhaps we don't know the story behind the story -- management pushing for a release and coders pressured to release something... anything). My advice is to pull it, add a lot more testers (bribe a few big boards), work on it longer, and release a 4.3 to satisfy everyone in the mean time with a few more features. When you do release it, give people a more meaningful discount than the tiny one being offered. I can't remember any company offering such tiny discount for upgrading a previous software version -- and to a beta version at that, not even to a fully complete product.

                                It's not good business to use the excuse that it's just a beta. If it's such an early beta that's really not close to being ready, it shouldn't be a product you trying to sell. The short term money gained (which I can't imagine is much) is not worth the losses you are creating with the bad impression.

                                Another piece of friendly advice. Put the darn thing on the most powerful set of servers you can find. Whoever decided to put it on the current server had to know it would be hammered when the emails went out. I can only hope that you have enough resources to buy the most powerful servers money can buy so that when you demo your new product to the world, speed/slowness alone doesn't kill first impressions. Admit some mistakes happened instead of denying/defending and move forward!

                                My 2 cents.


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