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Question on Permissions and Number of (user) Posts

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  • Question on Permissions and Number of (user) Posts

    I'm a new vBulletin user and as I don't plan on making my site live for a little while I thought I would dive in and try the 5.1 beta. However, I have a couple of problems that I'm not sure are due to bugs or my misconfiguring things:
    • Firstly, I have made a few test posts, but still see my post count remain on 1. Is this a bug or have I done something wrong?
    • I have tried so many different combinations of permissions, yet whenever I post a message it is shown as "deleted by unknown" unless I go in as admin and 'approve' the message. I have tried giving 'registered users' all sorts of permission combinations that I would have thought would allow posting of un-moderated messages, but it seems to make no difference.
    • Lastly... as I am using the unstable beta version, should I be posting here of somewhere else (apologies as I am new to the forum)



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    That is new to me. The counter goes up when you post (and it always has). What happens if you make a post and reload the page afterwards?

    Have you tried the default settings? They allow "registered users" to post without any need to approve topics in the first place.

    I'd either put this into the Support Issues & Questions forum (since it is a support question) or in the vB 5.1.0 Alpha/Beta Feedback Topic (since this is about Alpha/Beta software).


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