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    Same here, moved to IPB after 10 years.
    I never thought this was happen....
    bye bye Vbulletin


    • dilbert
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      Same here. Much happier, significantly better software, they are very open about where the next version is going.

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    My forum upgraded from 3.8 and we are now on 5.05 and testing on 5.1. Everything went well. I also am testing on a new server and so far so good. I have a small forum without any big modifications done to it. I can say we are happy with the way it works and look forward to the next update.


    • sandrose
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      You will loose the following after upgrade:

      Instant email notification
      Daily email notification
      Weekly email notification
      Sitemap builder

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    Originally posted by Mark.B View Post
    I have had some excellent results working with customers who upgraded to vB5, getting their original look and feel back.
    Mark, you did not disclose the whole story.

    I don't know about thesaucyvegan but hdherd is a prime example why the OP should not upgrade as of yet. It is well documented in TAZ that hdherd was a total fiasco and only after heavy personal involvement by yourself that the site is now - to use your own wording - has "excellent results".

    My recommendation, same with others - as of currently; do not upgrade.


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      Count me in for a big NO vote, unless the upgrade is to different software.
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        not to dig this thread back up...but is the general consensus still that vb5 isn't a good thing to upgrade to?


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          That question is hard to answer, because it totally depends on your needs and expectations.


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            VB 5 is looking great now. Do you guys think It'll be a good idea to upgrade now?


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              I'm happy with it.
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                Originally posted by adeel786 View Post
                VB 5 is looking great now. Do you guys think It'll be a good idea to upgrade now?
                As someone who has both vB4.2.3 and vB5.2.0 versions of the same site I can honestly say I can't answer this.

                There are things I like and dislike about each version. It really depends on your site.

                I'd suggest making a test site and upgrading that before you decide on your live site.


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                  The question to ask is:

                  Why do you want to upgrade?

                  If the answer is "because there are features in vB5 that I want, that aren't in vB4", then upgrde.
                  If the answer is "because I like to be on the latest version", then don't.

                  vB5 is significant change from how vB4 works, and upgrade decisions should not be taken lightly.
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                    I hesitated for two years and upgraded two months ago. There are some bugs but for my needs I feel 5 is very good. There is a lot of people talking down vB5 but I think trying it and evaluating it is the right way to go.


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