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    i dont think it would actually take a congressional vote or an act of god to do this. imo, the profile page is the perfect place for this feature. many of the necessary functions are already there. it could be converted if they really want to.

    note* still waiting for that "back to top" button


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      Back to the top button?

      Does that put vB back to the top?


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        Originally posted by rhens View Post
        this needs to happen. vB5 sales would go up like a rocket ship with this.
        Funny how a customizable homepage gets voted over bringing back basic vB3/vB4 functionality.


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          Originally posted by feldon23 View Post
          Funny how a customizable homepage gets voted over bringing back basic vB3/vB4 functionality.
          That is because votes matter...or so I am led to believe....
          If I was asked to vote for basic functionality, I would. But isn't that what we have now with 5? It is basic and (after a year or so) it basically functions but no bells and whistles...Features I think they were called..

          The idea of voting for basic functionality is retarded..


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            Have to agree with Feldon. I know I'm in the minority (based on votes), but I'd rather see story points go to:
            - features which cater to existing members who want an easy way to see unread posts
            - bug fixes, including a functioning Who's Online Now feature
            - fixing inline photos
            - better UX / more streamlined display of threads, replies, views, posts, likes.
            - a working notifications system, complete with @ tagging
            - advanced photo gallery


            • rhens
              rhens commented
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              then start a thread to drum up the support for them. are you watching the tracker? several of these things are already being addressed.

            • tonmo
              tonmo commented
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              I'm watching the tracker -- the "fixes" aren't really working. Why does an "attachment" (paperclip icon) display a full inline photo, but if you click the camera icon, it gives a tiny thumbnail, and clicking the thumbnail gives a slightly larger version, with no way to click through to full size? I tried asking this question in the Ticket system and got the usual run-around / non-response, when I would have appreciated a proactive problem-solving solution. There are too many (way too many) little (some large) UX and functional problems here and there which amount to this being a barely-usable product. I feel like I'm coming to the sad, unwanted realization that many others before me have already come to. At least I can say I really did give it an honest try, with a ton of patience. After just having a very successful biennial conference in-person with my community members, I believe I'm just about out. They deserve better.

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            i shut my vB5 site down a week before 5.0.5 released. my project is useless without a functioning cms or rss. it's not worth paying for hosting to look at an empty forum (it has always been a test forum during construction). needless to say, i would not have purchased the vB5 license had i known it would still be junk over a year later. i still believe in the project, and went into this fully aware that there would be delays......just not a year and a half


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              I never even bothered uploading a vB5 site. There really wouldn't be much point.


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