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  • this needs your vote

    there is a suggested issue in the tracker that needs your vote. it was posed by demonstar.

    what it is about, is creating a user home page where each member of your forum may monitor a completely customized dashboard of your website, making vB5 virtually a totally interactive software that has no equal! click on this the comments...and vote for it! it needs your vote to happen!

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    It is about time that something happened with this..

    Nicely done rhens, I had forgotten about that stuff and my other involvement with 5.

    12 votes currently...


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      this feature alone could right the ship for vBulletin.....its a game changer. for the developers to work on vB5 for over a year just to get it to the point where its about the same as vB4 is totally retarded! put this in there, and suddenly vB5 becomes "connected"! all these guys who think xf's cartoons are cool will come flying back with their tial between their legs. vB5 would become the single most sought after forum software in the it should be!


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        So... Yahoo's user home page and/or iGoogle.


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          Pretty close to igoogle (comes to an end Nov 1st) I would say..igoogle is the best example yet how to illustrate this.. Thanks to DeltaHawk5.


          • DemOnstar
            DemOnstar commented
            Editing a comment
            14 votes..

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          i like the direction this is looking.....
          i am however wanting even more to see a vb5 that has basic functions which not sure where to even start, keep hoping next upgrades will fix more than they do lol but for example i consider it a basic function to be able to easily find/use an image i uploaded in another post....on this site my profile has a link to all the images ive uploaded....i can even see a thumb of one for the album shot, but link says theres no pictures in there, even tho its telling how many there are in there!

          then theres an issue im noticing having problems keeping up on recent the heck is a link called todays posts, with a default pref set to "last update" gonna skip certain posts and only show certain content....vb3 still works better than vb5, how much longer is this supposed to continue??

          aha sorry to rant in ur thread stuff gets frustrating tho ya know, lol......keep thinking next upgrade but seems like theres still to many problems to even try to get into jira and sort whats known or being sorted etc


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            Originally posted by IggyP View Post

            aha sorry to rant in ur thread stuff gets frustrating tho ya know, lol......
            Rants are permissible for me, not sure about others... You make valid points iggyP
            Also, I have noticed a trend whereas new features have more precedence than function faults..

            It all amounts to the same in the end...Whenever that is...........

            Someone will sort it out... One day...


            • IggyP
              IggyP commented
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              ya just meanin to say its good to keep looking forward, i voted for this etc, but hoping like u say new features dont become so much focus that basic function is considered not important...seems like one of the biggest core issues with vb5, dev is out of balance.....not sure how much is meant to be resolved in 5.1.0, but i tend to worry.....btw sorry for the notification, lol, i agree about that point too ;P

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            Voted for this feature back in July, immediately after having discussed it with Joe on another forum. The ability for members to drag and drop modules on their customized landing page would most certainly separate vB5 from the competition, who are still playing catch up with vB4. This functionality would sell the product on its own merit.


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              vB has spent over a year working on 5, and it still isnt as good as 4 is today. they are wasting loads of time on software that aspires to be equal to what they already have. in my opinion, 5 should have been built around this feature....had they done this, paying customers would be lining up around the block. i'm not a code writer, but it seems to me that instead of having a thousand things, its better to have one thing that works well....done a thousand times.


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                One of my sites, the people want it ported to Drupal, for this feature. Each user gets a custom dashboard where they can choose all the blocks.

                This would be fantastic.
                Hmmm. Cheese.


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                  Originally posted by Glenn Vergara View Post
                  Voted for it.
                  Splendid work Mr Vergara, you know it makes sense..

                  BTW, why does it still read "Former vBulletin Developer" in your Postbit? It seems that you are very active in developing vB5...


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                  New comments have been made...

                  Recently/ currently, we are at this stage... Check the comments....
                  Only 19 votes so far but we have done well thanks to rhens.
                  Last edited by DemOnstar; Thu 3 Oct '13, 10:30am. Reason: Had to add the word 'currently' for those that experience the time lapse.. Whatever that is.


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                    23 votes to date...

                    Getting there byte by byte...


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                      this needs to happen. vB5 sales would go up like a rocket ship with this.


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