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  • Cannot post for support in the forums

    I cant post in the vBulletin 5 Support Issues & Questions forum, maybe as I'm not a licence holder but I'm trying to help another licence holder get their forums running. I tried opening a ticket in the support section but only had one reply asking me to run the upgrade script again then nothing! How do I get support for vBulletin 5?? I have several issue I need to resolve. Help, Advice and Resources to Pass Your Certification

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    Ok, I will post the issues here and then it can be moved to the correct forum as Im running low on time to get these issues fixed now.

    1. Deleting large amounts of spam - the site im working on has around 200,000 spam messages in the moderation que I have been trying to delete then using the only tool now available in vb5 in the message center. I select the first 20 using the select all function and then delete. I select the options to "Physically remove" and also delete all "Delete other posts and topics started by the affected users"

    The script runs but after 2 or 3 minutes I will get an error messages.The "Error: Your criteria is not restrictive enough and might return too many results. Please restrict your criteria and try again" is the one I receive the most. (see attached images)

    When I check only around 100 - 200 messages have been deleted.

    There has to be a better way than this to empty the moderation queue, How do I delete all this spam better then this?

    2. On the server that this site has been moved to I cant move between pages without getting "Invalid Request" message. If I mannuly refresh the page it works I assume it is some kind of ajax error. How do I fix this issue as it must be a server issue. I say that as I copied the whole site to my sever and it works fine.

    3. This is similar to no2. I cant change any options in the admincp as when I do only the first option in a group is changed the rest stay the same. This is also the case for tempalte modificaiton, if I change a style var only the 1st option I change is actually saved the rest are ignored. Again this works fine on my copy of the site on my server.

    thanks in advance for any help. I have a ticket no 1218858 open but its just been ignored since Sep 17th
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      You need to be a vBulletin 5 license holder to post in those forums. The person that you're trying to help can add you to their priority forum support list and you'll get access.

      1) This is the only method at this time. Sorry.

      2) Sounds like you have a problem with either suhosin or mod_security on the server. These should be configured to work with vBulletin. See the Server Configuration Forum for additional help.

      3) Same as #2.
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