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vb4 URLs to vb5?

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  • vb4 URLs to vb5?

    I get Invalid URL errors when visiting old links to my vb4 pages. Is there something I'm doing wrong in htaccess? Or is this configured somewhere else? My vb4 forum was at /forums and I uploaded vb5 to /forum (not plural).

    Also, I can't post a new Topic in the vb5 Upgrade forum - the New Topic button isn't displayed.

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    Were you using vbseo?


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        The problem is as you said, your VB4 forum was in ./forums/ and your VB5 forum is in /forum/ - if the folders don't match all the links will be broken, It doesn't matter how close they are- you need to move the site to use /forums/ if you want to have the old links work.


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          Thanks I have done that (thanks Trevor for the guidance) but now I have a bigger problem. My attachments aren't showing. So to be clear, here's what I did:

          1) changed name of core URL in admincp from /forum/core to forums/core

          2) renamed the old vb4 directory from root/forums to root/forums-old

          3) renamed the new vb5 directory from root/forum to root/forums

          4) updated the core config.php file.

          The problem is now partially fixed. The old vb4 links work (so incoming traffic from Google is OK) but my site logo and file attachments are not working. Trevor asked if I was storing attachments in the file directory structure instead of the DB, and if so, is the path still correct?

          AdminCP > Attachments > Attachment Storage Type

          I told him that I did not think I was using file storage, but when I checked admincp, I saw this:

          Attachments are currently being stored in the filesystem at /[PATH]l/forums/images/attachments

          I omitted the full path above but you get the idea. /forums/ is indeed the folder I installed vb5 into, but I checked my server and there is no /attachments subdirectory.

          I was about to choose the option to move it to DB, but figured I'd better stop, because this isn't making sense, and I do *not* want to lose the associations to thousands of images. Appreciate any guidance on next steps!!


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            Waiting on some info from from you on your ticket...
            Vote for:

            - *Admin Settable Paid Subscription Reminder Timeframe*
            *PM - Add ability to reply to originator only*
            - Add Admin ability to auto-subscribe users to specific channel(s)
            - "Quick Route" Interface...


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              thanks. provided.


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