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  • My time to rant

    Dear vBulletin,

    Honestly, back in December when we decided to hop over a paid forum service, we had certain expectations. We surely heard about vBulletin before and I knew those using it, loved the software. We certainly expected some proferssionalism paired with the product. Seeing the new version - vBulletin5, we were convinced to buy the product and we couldn't be more excited to get our hands on it and start using it.

    We are not the average customers. By far. As some members on these forums run a large scale forum - appealing the majority of Internet Surfers - we would use the forums for our own private means, hidden forums for our Guilds Communications. Nonetheless, we still have over 1,500 members and counting. Once we got our hands on the software, which was still at BETA 21 at the time, we noticed how incomplete the software was. We had a forum running for years which counted over 300,000 posts and thus we decided to postpone the launch untill it would get more stable. I always kept my faith in the product and patiently waited for news and improvements.
    Certainly, these improvements happend. But on a timeframe you wouldn't quite expect from a successfull company such as IB. While we didn't wanted to wait any longer, we decided to launch our forums back in februari which was still stalled on the BETA 26 patch?

    Nonetheless, it was a surprise to see vB5 getting out of BETA and delivering, in their eyes, the gold product. You could say I was quite disapointed as most obvious bugs werent fixed, and even new ones (whom were fixed in the past) got back to daylight again. In my opinion you are doing something wrong, as these versions are going through QA first before releasing to the customers? I decided to ignore the fact, kept on backing up vB5 against the majority of the customers here on the boards untll my patience ran out last week.

    5.0.1 successfully got released. Yet, the most obvious bugs are still present! I mean, what the heck were the developers actually doing the past weeks on the product? Seeing those bugs still alive and happening, you could say I lost my faith in the updates. I understand not everything could be fixed straight away, but come on - right now it feels there is a .1 after the version numbers and nothing being changed at all.
    How long does vB expect us to wait, having patience to stick with a complete immature and featureless product? I finally realize why the rants on these forums are going on all the time. It makes me sad to see the various great suggestions towards the board being rejected or thrown into the trash bin, as clearly the devs seem to care less about them and do it their way anyway.

    Questions regarding fixes and features are always answered with 'coming soon' or 'in the near future' which annoiys me to the bone honestly. Don't get me wrong, I love the product in some extend. It has great potential and it definitely could be an amazing powerfull software. Although judging from how the devs are currently working on this - it won't happen in atleast 2 years? Perhaps it would be great to be more transparant to the customers. We have our own hidden section on the forums - where we are able to discuss the product and thus the Staff members giving us a headsup about what is happening. Start from there, show us what you guys are up to, let us know what is coming when so we can ventilate this back to our users. Instead of randomly waiting for a patch that does more damage than good.

    Nonetheless, big props to the Support Staff on the boards here. The have to deal with our rants on a daily basis which can be very exhausting. You guys are doing great and its a shame others attack you based on what the devs deliver us..


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    It took about 2 years to get vB4 to a sort of acceptable standard, vB5 is in a lot worse state than vB4 was when launched and to make matters worst is missing shedloads of features.

    So, I very much doubt it will be up to any acceptable standard in 2 years, more like 4 to 5 years, assuming Internet Brands doesn't just give up and either close down vB Solutions or sell it on, as I can't see them selling enough licences to cover the cost of such a massive development team working over such a long period on what is basically a dead duck.

    testing 1..2..3


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      To me it's not just the latest release of vB5 (I learned my lesson during the pre sale of vB4), it's the constant releases of bad products since vB4, broken promises, lies, no respect for the customers and the biggest issue... making the same mistakes over and over again without leaning ANYTHING!
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