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Think twice before buying vBulletin 5 Connect.

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    Originally posted by Howden View Post
    No. Thats the point. It has nothing to do with what I did or didnt do. This has been confirmed by my own host support staff AND vbulletin support!
    Vbulletin themselves are quite aware of what the problem is and have admitted openly that a) they dont know how to fix it. b) they have seen it many times before. c) they will nto refund.
    Yes, there are many forums that dont have the problem. Apparently there are many potentials that do. To vbulletin, that seems not to be a problem.

    I'm sorry Howden, I haven't a clue about these things, but saying the site won't upload just has to be wrong, it has to be you. If there is something wrong with VB5, how come this site uploaded, how come my site uploaded ??

    There must be some setting in your server or version of the os or something like that not right. If it was VB then we would all have the same problem.

    I'm not trying to make an argument, I just want to understand.


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      I'm no more privileged to the inner working of IB than anyone else here, probably less privileged than some, but if I had to venture an educated guess I'd say the developers weren't calling the shots on what was a priority, at least not up until recently. I know of no developer who wants his or her name on a flawed software project. Even modification and add-on developers don't want their names attached to a flawed product. QED. And it would be ridiculous on face to think that support staff enjoy being berated at every opportunity for circumstances beyond their control. The blame for the condition of the vBulletin 5 product lies squarely upon the shoulders of Internet Brands management. And that's exactly where I'll place it. I'm not holding the developers or the support staff responsible. Ultimately, the product should not have been released until it was up to the standards of vBulletin 4.2 at minimum but hindsight does no good at this point.

      Kevin Sours and the other developers will deliver the product IB never intended on delivering because their priority is the product.


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        personally, i did not mean disrespect to the dev thoughts are that at times perhaps they can get too close into the project, or have differing views on what they are intending to create than what is ideal or what customers actually want or believe is ideal...or else everyone crying at the same time about 100 diff things, has just got to be a confusion to say the least...this forum is some amount of a communication tool, and so is the jira system which is very cool to exist but there still seems to be some gap in communication on what customers and devs are thinking for whatever reason...not meant so negative really.. that those regression issues were even clustered and addressed that way is exactly the type of steps i wish see continue......

        rather than like with albums/images alone, for example, there are perhaps a half dozen or so issues and i am worry some will get buried and ignored...that it will be half developed similar like it is now then scrambling on to some other area to half develop rather than get those parts to a usable state before expanding new development areas...i think it should be far enough along by now for more of an approach like this? my list is narrowing down but there are still several basic function items im sure many are aware of......just so the stuff thats built into it now can work more practically... it can be very frustrating for both sides but when you do your parts and keep respectful i have mainly been treated with respect, like we are all trying to sort this together lets not make it any worse than it needs to be.


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          Just to wander off topic for a minute. medved I hope it takes some time before your problems are solved. If that is you in your avatar, you are very pretty and the longer your problem takes to solve, the more times you will post and we will see that gorgeous face that should have been on miss universe a couple of nights ago. xx


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