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Poting in closed topics???

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  • Poting in closed topics???

    I noticed that although a topic was marked as closed yet I was able to reply. This keeps getting better and better lol

    Last edited by borbole; Wed 13 Mar '13, 8:00am.

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    How did you do it?


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      Solved topics have never been closed on this forum. (Since i have been here at least)


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        It was in a closed topic as per the topic title and not in a solved one. I simply made a mistake in the post, instead of closed I posted solved.

        Anyway, the thing is that I could post in a closed topic. Thought it was worth mentioning.


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          Originally posted by borbole View Post
          I noticed that although a topic was marked as closed yet I was able to reply. This keeps getting better and better lol [URL=""][/URL=""]
          I like what you say although your spelling (like VB 5 connect) needs improving. Or at least, get it right. Marvellous.......


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          There is a bug that permits comments to be posted in closed threads.

          Please note that threads are closed for a reason, and we would respectfully ask people not to continue to make comments in a thread that has been closed.


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          • DemOnstar
            DemOnstar commented
            Editing a comment
            Ok, it is a bug. I am a fully paid customer who exploits and highlights the fact that it is a bug. We all know it is a bug and it still remains as a bug.
            Furthermore, thank you for your courtesy, I can relate to your tolerance as maybe you can relate to mine?

            However and moreover, fascism is beyond contempt, racism is most disagreeable, not that I refer to you but there are things going on here that go beyond professionalism.

            This is not a closed thread so I am free to post and therefore suffer the consequences of my actions. A new address, a new ID, it doesn't matter.

            I will not be treated as some kid with an egotistical headmaster governing what I say or what I do.
            I don't use language that is vulgar, I don't get personal with people I have never met. I attack nobody.

            It is ridiculous sometimes I know but ultimately we all aim for the same thing and that is why we are here. We all want to see this thing through to completion.

            I know exactly why I have been prompted to make this post and I wouldn't be able to rest if I didn't express it. I too have bugs but they are not of a programming language, they are human. Egotistical human.

            And as for the comment made about banning people who have paid money to be a part of this community, well, that is diabolical.

            I have waited 2 years to get into this arena, I am still waiting and I am here every night (regardless of where I am in the world) and I have nothing to show for it other than the promise that it will be sorted out soon. SOON.

            I will not continue to post in closed topics.

            My god!, It has come to this.

            Thank you..................................

          • Mark.B
            Mark.B commented
            Editing a comment
            No need to start making accusations of fascism, racism and goodness knows what. That's a surefire way to get threads closed.

            All I have done is ask people politely not to post in closed threads, we know there's a bug but that doesn't make it ok to exploit the bug and post where the site staff have expressly requested the contrary.

            We continue to welcome genuine and honest feedback on the product.

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          Continued posting in closed topics will only get your account banned from this site. Bug or not.
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            Personally I think it would be better to fix the bug rather than threatening customers with banning for something that it is not their fault.


            • DemOnstar
              DemOnstar commented
              Editing a comment
              Here, here.

            • Dominic
              Dominic commented
              Editing a comment
              If a thread is marked as closed i won't normally consider posting in it.

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            I wouldn't normally post in a closed thread unless I was trying to illustrate a point.
            Anyway, it is done. I can assure you that I will never attempt to post in thread that is clearly marked as closed.

            Thank you for your tolerance.


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