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    Seeing as vBulletin seems to really lack respect to customers, and has not even mentioned to us which features are unavailable in vb5 when we purchased it; make your opinions heard outside the scope of a forum they control. I have already posted an honest review on webhostingtalk which you can add to if you would like.

    ​Maybe when they see the loss of potential customers, they will get their act together and start respecting customers and the interests of their customers.
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    Just read the review, seems a lot of unhappy people and coming out against IB...


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      Who wouldn't, they released VB5 without "ARTICLES"! - So yea, they have no clue about websites and how your ALL of your articles disappearing would hurt they way search engines view your site.

      YES IB - Search Engines are important in the ONLINE world!


      • helloadamm
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        Editing a comment
        SEO 101, crawlers have a very hard time getting passed ajax and some forms of javascript such as accordions and such. vB5 will never be SEO optimized so long as it relies heavily on interactive code.

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      You guys should provide your insight on that post.


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        Originally posted by evil-maniac View Post
        You guys should provide your insight on that post.

        Ok here it is.

        How do you think your site will be found? Google, Bing, Yahoo? CORRECT

        It has been clearly stated that vBulletin has not had any sort of focus on SEO

        Which means, they do not understand the importance of it. SEO = Search Engine Optimization

        SEO is very important to rank in searches, most focus on Google search as this is the worlds most
        used SE (Search Engine)

        Matt Cutts (Google Search Lead) clearly explains easy ways to make sure you are indexed properly

        I could spend a whole month writing out the importance of getting your threads etc.. indexed by Google

        But the short story is vBulletin does not focus on that, and they don't even realize how much profit they are
        loosing because webmasters are ALL becoming aware of how important it is to get seen and rank well in GOOGLE
        and many vbulletin owners are seeing that an upgrade to VB5 will crush thousands, sometimes HUNDREDS of thousands
        of dollars spent to optimize their site.


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