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What is the point in the post comments

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  • What is the point in the post comments

    I really can't get my head around this as someone comments on someones post, then I want to reply to the comment or quote it. How do you do this. ?? Seems to be a bit of a pointless feature. Can this be disabled in vb5.
    It's a reply at the end of the day so why not just keep things simple and just not have it at all.

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    Well think of it this way... Your free to continue "quoting" a post as you always have however let's say the first post is a guide/tutorial/or simply a very very informative post for your community, now you can add in comments that compliment that information within the same post thereby allowing it all to be found in one spot instead of navigating countless threads for the "pertinent" information instead of comments saying "thanks for this" or "I have an issue w/ this" etc etc so in a sense it does help streamline information.

    There's more ways to think of how this can be a positive addition to your site instead of negative imo, I'm still getting used to it myself and have been working w/ 5 for some time now yet still find myself bouncing back and forth between the two so give it some time to grow on you as I'm also doing .

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      Hmmm... I'm looking at the first post in this thread and there is no comment link on it, so is that a bug or are comments not supposed to be used on the first post of a thread (which defeats the example of use given by Michael Miller)?

      The official forums here are really getting irritating to use...


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        Originally posted by Regs View Post
        Hmmm... I'm looking at the first post in this thread and there is no comment link on it
        Interesting point !


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          You know, at first I was sceptical about commenting aswell. I found it useless. I mean, why commenting if you can reply aswell? Then, we went live with our forums and started actively using it every day. We managed to work out a great way of commenting where I started to love this feature. For instance, a topic where you post screenshots. Instead of going severly offtopic. you comment on this specific post with the screenshot while the page remains clean with images, instead of offtopic posts all the time.

          I guess my explanation is abit off here, but hey you get the point.


          • InfoNirvana
            InfoNirvana commented
            Editing a comment
            Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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          Its ok to comment if you are on the 1st page, if the page count grows and you are following the thread you have a big chance of missing quotes from the first few pages ...


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            It can be turned off, it makes sense on blogs & CMS articles, but not on Threads
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              I actually think its great, can it be set up to not bump threads? That is why I would use it, is to add a comment without bumping the thread. Could be very useful


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                Originally posted by dizzynation View Post
                can it be set up to not bump threads?
                Good idea! There also should be an option to make the comments feature available to certain usergroups only.


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                  Quite a few good ideas here, isn't that what JIRA is for?


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