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Is this the final VB5 theme?

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    It is normal to see links admin control panel and moderator? they give way

    On "vbulletin. Com" they are not visible. Is a parameter in "lacp"!?
    my forum Support bug reports please


    • Wayne Luke
      Wayne Luke commented
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      There are permissions on who sees what links there. Seems his haven't been set properly. Probably from a bug in an early beta that has been fixed but may have carried over in his installation.

    • Mark.B
      Mark.B commented
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      Interesting, that was a clean install of the RC.

      It can be fixed in the site manager. No big issue. Odd that they are showing though.

    • hornstar6969
      hornstar6969 commented
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      Not really odd if you think about it.

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    The theme on here is fine, it's what you do with your own theme that should be important.


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      I like sheldon's mockups but I prefer the navigation menu of the default theme. It's large and easier to click on from a mobile device.


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        Originally posted by findingpeace View Post
        User Feldon23 has done some amazing mockups - I hope the VB staff considers these. It's like getting free design help - and looks incredible!!
        Originally posted by findingpeace View Post
        And here's another one from Feldon23. What do other users think? Better or worse than the current theme? To me, it is infinitely more attractive and engaging.
        Originally posted by IcEWoLF View Post
        Man, those mockups would definitely sell a software. I hope vB can incorporate threads/views like he has above, it looks super neat!
        I didn't create these mockups. The irony is, they were created by a former IB/vBulletin employee. She had the clear vision to create a style that had personality, visual weight, ease of use, great emotional signature, and yet still strongly identify with the vBulletin brand. Her style was dumped in favor of the insipid sea of white and grey boxes we are facing now.
        Originally posted by acwatts View Post
        it's the most bland looking forum software I ever came across.
        vB5 is the stylistic tour-de-force of Vanilla combined with the expediency and ease of navigation of phpMyAdmin post-AJAX.[/sarcasm]


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