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A large number of posts deleted without an obvious cause

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  • A large number of posts deleted without an obvious cause

    A few days ago several hundred posts from one user were deleted. The posts spanned several topics and several subforums. The posts were just soft-deleted and have been restored manually without any loss of data.

    The moderator log showed that one of my super moderators had done it within one minute one evening four days ago. The trouble is that he was away at that moment (putting his kid to bed) and couldn't possibly have done it. I trust this guy completely. There are no indications that his account has been hacked and no other problems.

    The affected user is my RSS-poster account. All threads from the user have been set to be automatically closed after 48 hours. But not deleted (I don't think that's possible), and most of the posts were much older than 48 hours, anyhow. And although many of the posts from this user were deleted, not all were, which I guess might have been the case it the user was accidentaly suspended in some way (again, I'm not sure whether it's possible).

    Do you have any idea what might have caused it or where to look further?

    PS: Version is Vb 5.7.1; I'm not able to set it higher than 5.7.0 in my user profile here.

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    Could have been caught in a moderation sweep. I don't know what you're practices are but when deleting moderated posts, there are options to delete from multiple users and to delete all (or most) posts from a user. Happens by accident at times that a legitimate user can get caught up in this.

    As far as time records, that is going to depend on the server time and may not match the user's actual time so it may have happened at a slightly different time.
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