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  • VB5 user-agent


    how can I get user-agent in "online"? cant see it in VB5, was it removed?

    Thank you.

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    It is still recorded in the session table. However, I don't have a method to show it on the Who's Online page. Plus, I am not sure of the value in showing it since it can easily be spoofed. Plus its value has been devalued over the years.

    If you want it added, please open an "Improvement Request" and state the use case that makes it important information.
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      you are right, I just needed it yesterday when I was testing/modifying tapatalk.js to have it working in the header/head_include to notify users about the mobile app, so I wanted to see the user-agent of the device I'm using if the string is included in the tapatalk's script..

      I tried the script you provide the other day but it didnt work, thats why I thought of the tapatalk's.

      I dont think that is a strong reason to add it as improvement, user-agent can be found in the apache logs.

      Thank you.


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