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  • [Bug / Issue] changing forum url problem

    I used site editor to edit page url for some forums, now I wanted to edit them again, it says successful but it doesn't change.
    I tried clearing cache
    I think it's saving something in the DB because if I try to resubmit my changes it shows me an error saying duplicate url ...
    My forum version is 5.6.4
    How can I fix this?

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    Old URLs should actually continue working and the system will automatically redirect to the new ones.

    Note: Changing the URL of a parent channel will not change the URL of its children.

    What do you mean specifically about doesn't change? Can you outline the steps you're taking to verify the change? Can you provide old and new URLs as examples?
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    Wayne Luke
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      Let me explain with an example :

      This is the url when I created the channel A :
      Then I changed this to :
      everything was ok until here

      Then I decided to change it to
      But what I'm seeing in forum is
      if I open it will redirect to

      No matter how many times I do this change, it's stuck at

      And this problem is not only for one channel, this happens for all my channels


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        Can you run the query below and share the output?

        SELECT routeid, redirect301, prefix, regex FROM routenew WHERE redirect301 NOT NULL;

        You can run queries within the vBulletin Admin Control Panel by going to Maintenance -> Execute SQL Queries.

        To run Queries in the Admin Control Panel you need to edit your config.php file and add your user ID to the Can Run Queries section. It looks like:

        	//	The users specified here will be allowed to run queries from the control panel.
        	//	See the above entries for more information on the format.
        	//	Please note that the ability to run queries is quite powerful. You may wish
        	//	to remove all user IDs from this list for security reasons.
        $config['SpecialUsers']['canrunqueries'] = '';
        Place your user id between the single quotes.
        Translations provided by Google.

        Wayne Luke
        The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
        vBulletin 5 API


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          there was an error in your query, I changed it to this :
          SELECT routeid, redirect301, prefix, regex FROM routenew WHERE redirect301 IS NOT NULL;
          and this is the result I got :

          25 24 admincp admincp
          27 26 modcp modcp
          71 96 forum/english forum/english(??:/|^)page(?P<pagenum>[0-9]+))?
          73 116 forum/عربي-arabic-arapça forum/عربي\-arabic\-arapça(??:/|^)page(?P<pagenum>[0-9]+))?
          75 115 forum/فارسی-farsi-farsça forum/فارسی\-farsi\-farsça(??:/|^)page(?P<pagenum>[0-9]+))?
          77 97 forum/english/residency-citizenship forum/english/residency\-citizenship(??:/|^)page(?P<pagenum>[0-9]+))?
          79 99 forum/get-to-know-turkey forum/get\-to\-know\-turkey(??:/|^)page(?P<pagenum>[0-9]+))?
          80 100 forum/get-to-know-turkey forum/get\-to\-know\-turkey/(?P<nodeid>[0-9]+)(?P<title>(-[^[email protected]\#\$%\^&\*\(\)\+\?/:;"'\\,\.<>= \[\]]*)*)(?:/contentpage(?P<contentpagenum>[0-9]+))?(?:/page(?P<pagenum>[0-9]+))?
          81 118 forum/english/residency-citizenship/test forum/english/residency\-citizenship/test(??:/|^)page(?P<pagenum>[0-9]+))?
          82 110 forum/english/residency-citizenship/test forum/english/residency\-citizenship/test/(?P<nodeid>[0-9]+)(?P<title>(-[^[email protected]\#\$%\^&\*\(\)\+\?/:;"'\\,\.<>= \[\]]*)*)(?:/contentpage(?P<contentpagenum>[0-9]+))?(?:/page(?P<pagenum>[0-9]+))?
          83 122 forum/فارسی-farsi-farsça/آشنایی-با-ترکیه forum/فارسی\-farsi\-farsça/آشنایی\-با\-ترکیه(??:/|^)page(?P<pagenum>[0-9]+))?
          84 112 forum/فارسی-farsi-farsça/آشنایی-با-ترکیه forum/فارسی\-farsi\-farsça/آشنایی\-با\-ترکیه/(?P<nodeid>[0-9]+)(?P<title>(-[^[email protected]\#\$%\^&\*\(\)\+\?/:;"'\\,\.<>= \[\]]*)*)(?:/contentpage(?P<contentpagenum>[0-9]+))?(?:/page(?P<pagenum>[0-9]+))?
          85 98 forum/english/residency-citizenship forum/english/residency\-citizenship/(?P<nodeid>[0-9]+)(?P<title>(-[^[email protected]\#\$%\^&\*\(\)\+\?/:;"'\\,\.<>= \[\]]*)*)(?:/contentpage(?P<contentpagenum>[0-9]+))?(?:/page(?P<pagenum>[0-9]+))?
          86 123 forum/عربي-arabic-arapça/الإقامة-والمواطنة forum/عربي\-arabic\-arapça/الإقامة\-والمواطنة(??:/|^)page(?P<pagenum>[0-9]+))?
          87 104 forum/عربي-arabic-arapça/الإقامة-والمواطنة forum/عربي\-arabic\-arapça/الإقامة\-والمواطنة/(?P<nodeid>[0-9]+)(?P<title>(-[^[email protected]\#\$%\^&\*\(\)\+\?/:;"'\\,\.<>= \[\]]*)*)(?:/contentpage(?P<contentpagenum>[0-9]+))?(?:/page(?P<pagenum>[0-9]+))?
          88 121 forum/عربي-arabic-arapça/تعرف-على-تركيا forum/عربي\-arabic\-arapça/تعرف\-على\-تركيا(??:/|^)page(?P<pagenum>[0-9]+))?
          89 106 forum/عربي-arabic-arapça/تعرف-على-تركيا forum/عربي\-arabic\-arapça/تعرف\-على\-تركيا/(?P<nodeid>[0-9]+)(?P<title>(-[^[email protected]\#\$%\^&\*\(\)\+\?/:;"'\\,\.<>= \[\]]*)*)(?:/contentpage(?P<contentpagenum>[0-9]+))?(?:/page(?P<pagenum>[0-9]+))?
          90 101 forum/english/free-discussions forum/english/free\-discussions(??:/|^)page(?P<pagenum>[0-9]+))?
          91 102 forum/english/free-discussions forum/english/free\-discussions/(?P<nodeid>[0-9]+)(?P<title>(-[^[email protected]\#\$%\^&\*\(\)\+\?/:;"'\\,\.<>= \[\]]*)*)(?:/contentpage(?P<contentpagenum>[0-9]+))?(?:/page(?P<pagenum>[0-9]+))?
          92 119 forum/عربي-arabic-arapça/كلام-حر forum/عربي\-arabic\-arapça/كلام\-حر(??:/|^)page(?P<pagenum>[0-9]+))?
          93 108 forum/عربي-arabic-arapça/كلام-حر forum/عربي\-arabic\-arapça/كلام\-حر/(?P<nodeid>[0-9]+)(?P<title>(-[^[email protected]\#\$%\^&\*\(\)\+\?/:;"'\\,\.<>= \[\]]*)*)(?:/contentpage(?P<contentpagenum>[0-9]+))?(?:/page(?P<pagenum>[0-9]+))?
          94 120 forum/فارسی-farsi-farsça/بحث-آزاد forum/فارسی\-farsi\-farsça/بحث\-آزاد(??:/|^)page(?P<pagenum>[0-9]+))?
          95 114 forum/فارسی-farsi-farsça/بحث-آزاد forum/فارسی\-farsi\-farsça/بحث\-آزاد/(?P<nodeid>[0-9]+)(?P<title>(-[^[email protected]\#\$%\^&\*\(\)\+\?/:;"'\\,\.<>= \[\]]*)*)(?:/contentpage(?P<contentpagenum>[0-9]+))?(?:/page(?P<pagenum>[0-9]+))?


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