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Password error on localhost

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  • Password error on localhost

    I've maintained a copy of my production site on my local machine and periodically copy the database from our production site to my machine.

    Two major things have changed. We moved hosts (the new host uses MariahDB and upgraded from 5.5.? to 5.6.4

    Since then, I have been unable to log into VB on my local machine and get the following error

    You do not have a valid password configured for your account. Please reset your password via the [URL="http://localhost/vb5/lostpw"]reset password link[/URL].
    Of course, send mail is not configured on my machine so I am unable to reset the password that way. If that is the only solution to this, however, I'll bite the bullet and set it up.

    Thanks much,


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    Your localhost version of PHP doesn't support the password scheme that your password uses. Most likely cause is that the PHP version on your new server has been updated as well. PHP Version is actually more relevant than database version most of the time. vBulletin uses some very basic queries for both performance and supporting MySQL 5.6, which is also old. If I had to guess, you don't have ARGON2ID support within PHP on the local host and have a password stored with the Argon2ID password hashing scheme.

    In PHP 7.3+, the Argon2ID password hashing scheme is preferred. It is generally more secure than the older bcrypt hashing in PHP and has mechanisms to help prevent both side-channel and GPU cracking attacks. vBulletin will set this at the default password scheme if it is exists on the server. When moving to a new server (your localhost), vBulletin will not know how to process Argon2ID if it is not present. The best solution would be to make sure the Argon libraries are available to PHP. This is generally done by installing libargon on the localhost server.

    Otherwise, you should:
    1. Remove the argon2id line from /core/includes/xml/pwschemes_vbulletin.xml
    2. Disable EMAIL in your /core/includes/config.php until an email server is available (Can use Google via SMTP).
    3. Register a new user.
    4. Elevate that New User to Administrator using Tools.php.
    5. Change the original Admin's password.
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    Wayne Luke
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      Thanks Wayne. I'll get libargon installed on my local machine and hopefully that resolves the issue.


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