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  • Homepage logs everyone out

    If any user, even admins or mods, goes to the main page here it shows logged out, asks user to log in, and currently shows status of the various threads as hours behind the actual status. For example it shows latest post as some spam, but that was deleted hours ago, almost like it is cached or something?

    If you go to any other link, section, or thread within the same forum, you are immediately logged in and it shows all the threads as they actually are. For example this link will show any user as logged in. Also it is where that previously deleted spam was that shows visible in latest posts, yet no longer shows the deleted spam (this can be compared even using incognito mode, deleted post visible in the Latest Posts component on homepage but not when visiting that channel)

    Is this a bug? It has been working fine for long time and we have not made any recent changes.

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    It is not a bug and something occurring on your specific site due to its configuration.

    The most common reason this occurs is the HTTPONLY cookies that we use are locked to the URL that you have specified as the Forum URL. They aren't shared with other URLs even sub-domains like WWW for security purposes.

    For Example:
    • The user accesses your site at and this sub-domain isn't valid for the HTTPOnly cookies that we use in vBulletin. So PHP doesn't read them.
    • Then when they click a link are redirected to the cookies can be read since that matches your specified URL.
    The fix is to modify your .htaccess file to ensure that anyone who accesses the site via the www sub-domain is given a 301 redirect to the preferred URL.

    If the above worked before, then working would have been considered a bug that has been fixed.
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      Thanks, it turned out to be a problem with our server caching.


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