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Creating new page overwrites Forum tab?

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  • [Site Builder] Creating new page overwrites Forum tab?

    I followed the instructions carefully in the manual for creating a new page. When I saved it, it wasn't a new page, it simply overwrote the Forums page (tab). I expected a new tab with the name of the new page.

    It wouldn't be so bad, except now I have no idea how to get the original Forums tab content back again. ??

    EDIT: When I logged into the test forum this morning, the Forums tab was back to normal. Must be a temp cookie thing going on? Either way, it's back.

    Still not sure what happened, though.
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    If your page is in debugmode you have the ability to use the system-widgets, perhaps an update revert the System-Widgets also (never tried). You need a unique name and template (name) for your new page. If you tried to override your homepage by override the forums page, you should start from the beginning and just create a new page and mark it homepage.


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      Alrighty, I think I figured it out (though it doesn't seem to be anywhere in the documentation?).

      In Site Builder, "New Page" doesn't create an actual new page or tab. It simply gives me the ability to change the page I'm on. Not sure how that's different from "Edit Page". though.

      To create an actual new page/tab, I need to first click on "Navigation Bar" to create the tab, and then add modules, etc. to THAT page.

      I may be wrong about, there might be a better - official - way to do it, but I couldn't find anything in the documentation or forums to tell me otherwise.

      Feel free to educate me, anyone.
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        New Page actually creates a new page. You should see a blank page with multiple sections surrounded with dotted lines. These sections hold the different modules. What it doesn't do is change your URL in the browser. If you don't finish the process by going all the way through Save Page, weird things might happen depending on the browser used. Though, I've used all the major browsers without problems.

        This is distinctly different from Edit Page which will show you the configuration of the current page when clicked. Same dotted line sections but the existing modules will also be present.

        However, refreshing the page should return things to normal unless there is an external cache in play somewhere.

        Pages and Navigation Bar items are distinct entities. Creating a page will not automatically create a Navigation Bar item for it. In fact, you probably don't want many pages to be on the Navigation Bar. Some might go on the Footer. Some in sub-navigation. Some not directly linked in the interface at all.
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