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Last Vbulletin version has been hacked

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  • [Bug / Issue] Last Vbulletin version has been hacked

    I got my site hacked, using last version on vbulletin. Site was defaced, and used injection sql in the plataform. Why the Vbulletin is so untrusted and weak in this kind of stuff. Every patch have many and many bugs, they release new of patch of bugs changing strings and files. This make the addons not work in the last version of forum and make more bugs appear and exploits. I tired to update this plataform because many exploits found in last versions so "is very recomended you update"

    This can't be that way, I can't update evey patch because your programmation is weak and the team don't know how to keep safe without many exploits in the plataform. The plataform need to be secure in all version, you can't force people to update to a new bug patch with many exploits and make then suffer with your weak programming. Very bad.

    They say: you can't hide the vbulletin version because need pay a huge amount of dollars to hide(you cannot do it by css because is on contract)
    yeah yeah let the hackers see the version of your buggy plataform to they know what exploits work well
    Is pure madness the plataform say to me I can't use CSS in my site that I buyed and a host that I pay.

    I Want to sell this piece of problem called Vbulletin, if someone interested please send me PM or email because this is a nightmare.
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    Looking at your account, I see that you did not download and install the security patch released last Monday. All customers should have received an email about this release Monday afternoon. The two files in the patch would have protected your site.

    You actually can hide the Powered By vBulletin version from the footer of you page. This is not covered under Branding Free and we have supported this for 15 years now. You cannot hide the copyright in the footer without the branding free addon. I don't know what to say about addons. I don't know how they are coded. Properly created they should not be affected by a patch or even an upgrade.
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