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some thread links do not have thread-name (urlident) at the end, supported method to fix that?

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  • some thread links do not have thread-name (urlident) at the end, supported method to fix that?

    After an upgrade from VB422 toVB562 we noticed some threads-links didn't have the thread name append behind their thread-number (or node number ; -). That seems to be the urlident field which is empty for some. I did try most of the Maintenance->Update tools but none seem to fix this. Is there a supported way of fixing it?

    I suppose a sql query/update will fix it as both title and htmltitle for those threads appear to be ok. Urlident looks to be just a lowercase version of that with anything not alphanumeric replaced with minus sign (for nodes which have a forum as parent).

    But if there's some tool to fix them that'd be nice

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    The only supported method is to edit the starter post in the topic and save it. This should update the title and meta description.

    However, if you're using UTF-8 characters (i.e. Arabic), you will want to turn on Use ASCII Characters in URLs first. You can turn this on under Settings -> Options -> Site URLs and Routing. If you do not, then the UTF-8 characters will be converted to HTML Entities and won't be human readable. Hopefully, Google convinces the world to use allow Proper UTF-8 in URLs in the near future.
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      Was afraid of that It does work, tested that.

      We'll have to make a list of topics to re-edit (or re-save really) then. Thanks for clearing that up!


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