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  • [Resolved] calendar

    What purpose does the calendar provide besides birthdays? I can't find options, events or anything to actually use it. What am I missing?

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    If you make a Event/calendar post (click on the calendar icon) You can add events with start time, end time, google map and information. The event is a post and also appears on the calendar.

    It’s very useful if you have meets and get together like we do.

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      Oh, so that makes sense.


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        Before vBulletin 5, events were fairly static things. Users could create them and they would appear on the Calendar. However, they couldn't be discussed or searched. Plus they didn't really allow for a location.

        In vBulletin 5, events are a content type. This brings all the benefits of content types. They can be searched, moved, copied, contain attachments, be displayed in modules, and can be discussed. You can even provide a Google Map of the location if you have the appropriate Google API Key entered into the AdminCP. In 5.6.0 and higher, you can create "Event Highlights". These allow you to organize your events and display different colors for different types of events. They work similarly to Thread Prefixes.

        Originally, events were just going to be displayed in lists like every other discussion and content type. However, customers wanted a Calendar View as well. So we created the Calendar module to show events. In reality, it is simply a specialized search module. Underneath everything it works just like any other search limited to the Event content type. To the end user, it looks like a Calendar due to styling via JavaScript and CSS.
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          I never used it before and when I looked at using it none of the familiar controls were in the admincp and I couldn't find options. Now I see that it's integrated with posts wow that's awesome.


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            One useful thing you can do is create an 'Events forum' where users only have permission to create event content types, which of course then pull through to the calendar.

            By restricting permissions ordinary users will only see the event option in the editor and not the other content types, which will then force it to default to an event.

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              Yeah I like that as well. Thanks


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