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Disabling Attachments Permissions in Usergroups doesnt work

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  • Disabling Attachments Permissions in Usergroups doesnt work

    How do I disable people from uploading attachments? I only want to allow inline images - no tacked on files or photos etc. Just the WYSIWYG image button.

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    Attachments -> Attachment Type Manager - Remove the attachments that you don't want people to be able to upload.

    Attachments -> Attachment Permissions - Edit the permissions for the usergroups that can upload each different type of attachment.

    Channel Management -> Channel Permissions - Can Upload Attachments. Set to No for each channel and usergroup.

    Any of these should prohibit the attachment of the files you don't want to be attached.
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      That solution is extremely destructive. I've also found that disabling functionality in this software leaves buttons lying around that don't work. For example, in usergroups I disallowed users from subscribing to entire 'channels' so there was no giant +SUBSCRIBE button taking up half the phone screen and the button stubbornly remained. Pressing it gave a popup notice that the user was not allowed to press that.
      It would be less destructive to comment out the the button from whatever the file is that makes it show up than do all the deleting you're talking about.

      Here's a clue for all the people who work at vBulletin - switching something off as admins often means we don't want it to appear. Not that we want it to remain but not work. Common sense.


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        I recommend you rename your entire attachment system as 'file sharing', get rid of the camera button and integrate images and video links into posts CLEANLY. Its a nonsense system at the moment.


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