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Database errors at vb5 and vb4 forum even after moving to more powerful server

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    I started getting these errors again. Had not seen them for some time.

    See improvement request:

    Database error in vBulletin 5.6.4:

    Invalid SQL:
    /** saveDbCache */REPLACE INTO cacheevent (cacheid, event) values

    MySQL Error : Deadlock found when trying to get lock; try restarting transaction
    Error Number : 1213
    Request Date : Wednesday, February 24th 2021 @ 02:23:18 PM
    Error Date : Wednesday, February 24th 2021 @ 02:23:19 PM
    Script :
    Referrer :
    IP Address : 64.91.XXX.XX
    Username : Guest
    Classname : vB_Database_MySQLi
    MySQL Version :

    Stack Trace:
    #0 vB_Database->getErrorData() called in phar://[path]/vb/vb.phar/database.php on line 1214
    #1 vB_Database->halt() called in phar://[path]/vb/vb.phar/database/mysqli.php on line 249
    #2 vB_Database_MySQLi->execute_query() called in phar://[path]/vb/vb.phar/database.php on line 568
    #3 vB_Database->query_write() called in phar://[path]/vb/vb.phar/db/mysql/querydefs.php on line 7447
    #4 vB_dB_MYSQL_QueryDefs->saveDbCache() called in phar://[path]/vb/vb.phar/db/query/method.php on line 68
    #5 vB_dB_Query_Method->execSQL() called in phar://[path]/vb/vb.phar/db/assertor.php on line 293
    #6 vB_dB_Assertor->assertQuery() called in phar://[path]/vb/vb.phar/cache/db.php on line 387
    #7 vB_Cache_Db->shutdown() called in phar://[path]/vb/vb.phar/shutdown.php on line 93
    #8 vB_Shutdown->shutdown() called in [path]/vb/vb.php on line 479
    #9 vB::shutdown() called in on line


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