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Image / Attachments Upload permissions by Usergroup

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  • Image / Attachments Upload permissions by Usergroup


    I have 2 questions because I turned off my website while building my website.

    I found the Image Upload button in Advanced Tool box. Just wondering if I don't allow a specific usergroup to upload photos at all, the usegroup can still see the button? or the image button won't be displayed in Advanced Tool?

    I want to block a specific group to upload any type of attachments except photos. Is that possible?
    Is the following setting right in Cannel Permission? Please advise me.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	channel-permission.png Views:	0 Size:	16.9 KB ID:	4425853

    How and where can I control for users can upload 1 image per photo with some limits in File Size and resolution?

    e.g) I would like to set limit for a user can attach only 1 image, under 400x300 pixels, and under 200kb.

    Is there a way?

    Thank you very much always.

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    1. The button shouldn't show if the user doesn't have permission to use it.

    2. You can control what type of attachments each usergroup can upload under Attachments -> Attachment Permissions in the AdminCP.

    3. You can control the number of attachments per post in Channel Permissions. Usergroups -> Channel Permissions. You can control the size of different attachments, including resolution for images, under Attachments -> Attachment Type Manager in the AdminCP.
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      Thank you for the information.


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