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Upgrading Question for config.php file Table Prefix

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  • Upgrading Question for config.php file Table Prefix

    My upgrade from 5.4.2 to 5.5.4 attempt failed so I am trying again today. The last time I did not add the Table Prefix in config.php file. The config.php file in 5.4.2 has 'vb' in it. Do I need to add that in the 5.5.4 core/included/config.php file before I upload?

    Should I make the 5.5.4 config.php file exactly the same as the old one?

    Also do I change the names of config.php.bak and core/includes/ before i upload or after?

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    You shouldn't really need to change the config files unless you want to utilise anything that's been to it latterly. In most cases with vB5 to vB5 upgrades you can retain the old files.

    vB3 or vB4 to vB5 upgrades do need new files though.

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      I am not technical. I had been waiting for vbulletin support to respond to my ticket but I can't wait any longer. My site has been down since 9-27-19. I tried to upgrade last Monday but it messed up the database. Then I tried rebuild the database through myphpadmin but that didn't work. GoDaddy had to rebuild it for me yesterday and before I could upgrade from 5.4.2 to 5.5.4 this morning we were hacked all over again. I am trying my best to get my site back up because we have an event next weekend.

      I am trying to follow the instructions below from Wayne Luke. I am running the /cor/install/upgrade.php but it is stuck on 30%. It says it is processing 5.5.0 Alpha 1, Step 2 of 2. How long should I wait for this to complete? It has been stuck here for 20 mins.

      Mon 30th Sep '19, 12:11pm
      The best course of action is to follow these steps:
      1. Download vBulletin 5.5.4 Patch Level 1.
      2. Create a new directory on your server (i.e. forums_new)
      3. Upload 5.5.4 Patch Level 1 to this new forum.
      4. In the new directory rename /config.php.bkp to /config.php.
      5. Rename /core/includes/ to /core/includes/config.php
      6. Rename /htaccess.txt to .htaccess
      7. Turn off your forums
      8. Create a Database Backup.
      9. Rename the old vBulletin directory (i.e. forums_old)
      10. Rename the new directory to replace your old vBulletin directory (i.e. forums)
      11. Run /core/install/upgrade.php in your new forum directory.
      12. Delete /core/install
      13. Turn on your forums.
      14. If you store attachments and avatars in the file system inspect your attachment and customavatar directories for any PHP or HTML files. Delete these Files. Move the attachments and customavatar directories to your new vBulletin forum directory.
      15. Delete the old vBulletin directory off the server.
      Outside of vBulletin, you should review any files that you have for other services as well.


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        Now it is stuck at step 15 of 22 upgrading 5.5.4 . I hope this goes through.
        My next challenge is to move my attachments and customavatar files over.


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          I found the attachments file and it is uploading now. Where is the avatar file located?


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            By default Avatars are stored in the database. If you decided to store them in the file system and did not change the default directory, the are location /core/customavatars.
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