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The problem of the forum's home page

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  • [Bug / Issue] The problem of the forum's home page

    A problem with the orientation system to the main page in the forum is that there are two links to a page with a different design:

    Why isn't it one home page?
    Otherwise, these pages cannot be deleted.
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    anime - انمي

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    One is the overall home page.
    The other is the home page of the 'forum' channel.
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      / is a just a "page" it isn't actually attached to any node. It was much different during the Alpha but people complained so it was made into what it is today.

      /forum/ is a forum channel and has the same pages assigned to it as any other forum channel in the system. This includes a module that lists the sub-forums of the channel.

      You can change your Home Page simply by visiting the page you want as the Home Page and clicking "Edit Page". Click Save Page and there is a checkbox to make it the Home Page. You can remove /forum/ from the URL of your Forum Channels by editing their pages and removing /forum/ from the URL when you save the pages.
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