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    Is there a way to change the user for my groups? I want to remove that "social-groups" because it's not SE optimized and it's not true to what we are. It's not a "social group" It's more of a segment or interest group within the overall general catagories of what we do. Is it possible to that this to something else?
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    I mean URL not user. Tried to edit but link woud not activate and alow me to click it.
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      You can edit the URL of a page by editing it in Site Builder.
      1. Go to the page in question.
      2. If Necessary, Toggle Site Builder by clicking the "Edit Site" button in the top right corner.
      3. Click "Edit Page."
      4. Click "Save Page."
      5. Update the URL of the page as needed.
      6. Finish Saving the Page.
      • If the page also has a Navigation or Footer Tab you will need to edit it to update the URL as well. This can be done by clicking Navigation Bar or Footer as necessary.
      • If the page is a channel and has Sub-Channels, then the URL of those Sub-Channels would also need to be updated.
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