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    If you feel this is an upgrade script error, please detail your findings within a Bug Report as otherwise the developers will not see it. By raising it yourself, it also allows you to get feedback directly from the Developers on the issue and for them to ask for any further information, however, the vBulletin upgrade scripts have ALWAYS created new tables using the collation of the database, all the way back to vB2/3. So if these have changed at any time, then the script will simply create based on what it knows.
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      Sorry for reply time. I had vacations.

      As you wrote, script create tables based on what it knows, and I wrote you AGAIN that this is the bug, because you loose your own configuration during the update procedure. That is why the script knows bad data. Saying that script uses just what he knows, when you are already informed that the script ignores your setting in THIS AREA, is simply ignoring information which I give you. The script simply do not ask about all db connection data which are used by vb before update. I gave you specifically which setting it is. Writing it again and again is simply lost of time and effort.
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