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  • [Bug / Issue] Pasting screenshots

    Is there a way to get vB5 to accept screenshots? I have tried copying and pasting images from websites with mixed success but screenshots made with browser add-ons don't seem to work. If I paste one here or on my forum, I see it while I'm making the post, however, it disappears when I preview or post.

    I've just pasted one below, I can see it now but not when I preview the post and I'm sure it'll vanish when I submit the post.

    Actually, when I clicked on Post it gave me the following error message:

    Maximum number of characters exceeded. It cannot be more than 150000 characters. The current number of characters is 270047 deleting the image to be able to post!

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    You can't copy and paste screenshots. Use the Attachment tool in the upper right corner of the editor.
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      It requires a plugin for CKEditor to allow drag and drop and pasting images. I created a mod for this. Watch video screencast below:

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