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Is There A Known Apostrophe Issue?

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  • Is There A Known Apostrophe Issue?

    Often they dont show up on my site. Making words look odd with a large blank space where the Apostrophe should be. Has this been a known bug? Is there a fix?

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    Found the fix.


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      Good, because it wasn't an issue I was able to reproduce.

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    I'll post the solution here just in case someone else has the issue.

    This is caused by using a character set that is not compatible with UTF-8. If your language is not using a UTF-8 character set then the "Curly Quotes" (among thousands of other characters) used by UTF-8 devices do not appear correctly. New installations of vBulletin 5 (as of 5.3.X) will be properly configured to use UTF-8. Upgrades from previous versions will not. They will inherit the language settings of that old version. Often this is ISO-8859-1 (the default in vBulletin 3 and 4). ISO-8859-1 is a small subset of UTF-8.

    The character set can be specified under Languages & Phrases -> Language Manager. Then Edit your Language. If you're using a non-English Language then you will probably have to specify a UTF-8 Compatibale Locale as well. This is usually the same as your current Locale with the suffix of .UTF-8.

    Ideally, your database will use the UTFMB4 character set and the utfmb4_unicode_ci collation. This provides even more functionality such as being able to use most of the UTF-8 Emoji on your mobile device.
    Translations provided by Google.

    Wayne Luke
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