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  • Register with Facebook Connect ONLY

    1. I want to let users register / connect only from facebook connect.
    2. I need to dissapear the other options, so they can only see the facebook connect button
    3. How do I put facebook connect button in places on forum ?

    four other off topic questions:

    4. How do I put RSS in the Content Slider
    5. How can I put Forum background that will be responsive?
    6. I added hebrew language.. if a word isnt translated I need to see the word anyway ? English or something, since I dont find the Product category in admin
    7. I saw new user named IBAdmin with Administrator permissions.. its your staff maybe ?
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      1. This isn’t possible without custom coding.
      2. Same
      3. Again this needs custom coding.
      4. The content slider uses forum searches so you would need to import the RSS feed into a dedicated forum and then set the content slider to look in that forum. It will not show pictures from an RSS feed though as these need to be attachments.
      5. vB5 is responsive by default.
      6. You would need to translate an existing English language.
      7. This is our admin account and cannot be changed or accessed.
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        Three things:

        1. Is a must for me, I want to be based on facebook users since its much easier for my visitors in my country. where I can get custom code for that?
        4. How do I get the codes of "Search Criteria" As A user and not a programmer I dont know how to config it (unless u have help file that explaines that)
        5. I know VB5 is responsive, does a BG image will be responsive also? And if so, where do I add the BG Image?


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          We don't provide any support at all for custom coding. You should approach a third party with your requirements, such as who is actually a former vBulletin 5 developer and thus knows the product very well.

          With regards to background images, we would need more details of exactly what you're wanting to achieve. Responsive won't resize images for you out of the box, you'll never get an image that will fit every possible screen the forum can be viewed on. You're better off using a small image that repeats, but again we need more information on what you a re looking to achieve.
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            You cannot use custom coding on vBulletin Cloud. However, the Facebook icon is prominently placed on the login form. If they do not have an account and click it, it will forward them to the registration form and they can register on your site. Once that is done, all they need to do for a login is to click the Facebook button.
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