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experiencing database errors today

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  • experiencing database errors today

    Just home from work to see my forum has experienced several database errors today. Indeed, as I attempted to post to the forum, I received the error below.

    Only recent change to the forum was modifying the charset to UTF-8. I upgraded my forum May 29th and paid for telephone support, but no one is answering.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	databaseerror.png
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    The email I receive from the error looks something like this:

    Database error in vBulletin 5.4.1:
    Invalid SQL:
    UPDATE node AS node
    SET node.lastcontent = CASE WHEN 1529437888 >= node.lastcontent THEN 1529437888 ELSE node.lastcontent END,
    node.lastcontentid = CASE WHEN 1529437888 >= node.lastcontent THEN 1580495 ELSE node.lastcontentid END,
    node.lastcontentauthor = CASE WHEN 1529437888 >= node.lastcontent THEN '-Deborah-' ELSE node.lastcontentauthor END,
    node.lastauthorid = CASE WHEN 1529437888 >= node.lastcontent THEN 3 ELSE node.lastauthorid END
    WHERE node.nodeid IN (1,2,14,16,7508) /**setLastDataParentList**/;
    MySQL Error : Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction
    Error Number : 1205
    Request Date : Tuesday, June 19th 2018 @ 07:51:28 PM
    Error Date : Tuesday, June 19th 2018 @ 07:52:20 PM

    Any ideas on steps to take to resolve this?

    Thank you.

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    Additionally, none of my forum/topic info is up to date. Says last post was early today, but newer posts are there. I've cleared System Cache, no change.


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      What do you have the lock_wait_timeout value set to. The default is the number of seconds in a week. About 350 million or something like that.

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        I have no idea Where do I find this setting?


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          I'm kind of panicking here, can you please tell me if I should rebuild indexes to get the forum/topic information to display properly again? Or is there other action I can take?


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            lock_wait_timeout is a server setting. If you have never heard of it (which is fine), it is probably best to ask you host for this information.

            For the forum and topic info, rebuild the forum and topic information in AdminCP > Maintenance > General Update Tools.

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              Thank you, Mark -- that did the trick.

              Wayne, I had my host set the lock wait timeout to 500 for now. Let me know if you feel that could still cause a problem.


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